Tuesday, 9 December 2008

christmas countdown

i received some really lovely emails from people who stumbled upon my blog, and i really appreciate it! everyday i look forward to coming home and checking my gmail to see if anyone has written to me heh!

i received an email from eilidh who works at condenast (home of GQ, vogue and la wintour!), asking me to check out one of their articles! how sweet! as the party season approaches, they selected the top 5 male scents to help us smell fresh and nice over the festive period! on the list is tom ford's "extreme" which i really like. i've just raved about black orchid a few posts back, but "extreme" is tailored for the true connoisseur, where each ingredient is specially chosen to complement and enhance the man who wears it.

i was in new york last november and "extreme" was sold exclusively at the tom ford store at madison ave. i was so excited to visit the store as i've read so much about it beforehand. anyway, there was this really annoying lady in the store "promoting" the new scent. but she said it with a really weird accent and with such vigor, "X-tram, X-tram anyone?" i was so put off by it that i left pretty much soon after!

"extreme" is for the grown ups, and this is one worth recommending really. to see which other 4 made the list from men style, click here!

ok, who's feeling rich lately? US$125 for 50mls...


what's he wearing?