Tuesday, 30 December 2008

the day in pictures

it's a tuesday, weather sunny but very cold. on leave today so i thought i'll check out the sales, weekday can't be crowded right? it's madness, mayhem and armageddon at the shops!

more soon, but i have to go admire my new shoes for now...

sale day 4, and why i have to shun my friend's invitation to a very expensive new year's eve countdown dinner:
- ysl rive gauche suede shoes
- ysl rive gauche shirt
- vintage hermes tie
- liberty tie
- burberry prorsum cardigan
- burberry prorsum tie
- dries van noten ostrich leather bag
- gucci monkstraps


  1. i want one dries van noter suit !! truly awesome

  2. Welcome to operation 'Save The Economy'!

    London needs you now!:-P

    Can't wait to see what you got.

  3. when you see the crowds at harrods you will know london doesn't need me ha

  4. We all have our own small little part to play....strength in numbers:-P

  5. have another glorious New Year Joe!!!

  6. happy new year DD! all the very best :)

  7. wah.....daring,undaunted purchase.
    i am so worried and scared...
    after CNY i heard everything bad will come.....

    so envious you guys dun need to worry so much....

    nice purchase though...

  8. p76: can't worry too much, live and let live. celebrate each day as it comes :)

    hope it all goes well :)


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