Monday, 29 December 2008

dries van noten hand painted ostrich bag

my objective for this sale is to get something made with exotic materials (snakeskin, ostrich, croc, ponyhair etc), for i don't really need anything right now, so the only way up is to get exotics. i was preening in front of the mirrors with this bag, and a lot of people were following me around trying to get their hands on this bag. so i take it as a good sign, and i took it home. this is the last piece, and per the sales rep they would have only brought in 1 or 2 pieces. it's reduced by 50%, and i got an extra 10% off being a harvey nichols cardholder, and a 2.5% VAT rebate!

i really really like this bag, the leather is so soft and smooshy and it is perfect for weekends! but, what i really need is a workbag, and white on exotics isn't exactly a genius idea. "what credit crunch?" my friend rubbed it in, but she herself bought a croc embossed suede ysl muse!

i wasn't 100% happy, only because we are in the midst of an economic downturn, and i am not sure if i am careful enough to care for the white ostrich leather. so, how do you care for ostrich leather??

so yay or nay?!

and to reinvest in my working wardrobe, i got a burberry prorsum scallop print silk tie, reduced by 60%!

it's spring and the new year soon, i think we should re-introduce some colors back into our lives, and some baked beans back into our diets.


  1. It's exquisite! And to get this at such a good discount, incredible.

    Well, dun feel too unhappy. what is bought has been bought, might as well enjoy it.:-) You cannot keep worrying about the uncertainties ahead, becos it's unpredictable.:-)

    Just keep yourself from spending on new things from now on. You can do that!

    And the tie is nice.

    I like the scallop design.

    Excellent buys!

  2. hehe i can always count on you for moral support!

  3. We are best friends to baked we need to support each other over these 'beany' times:-P

  4. I do like it. It takes a while, but it grows on you afterall. Very French the colours are...

  5. Ostrich is a very tough and resilient skin. It weathers very well, unlike say suede. It will age beautifully and acquire a lovely patina over time.

    I would not worry too much about it being high maintenance as it really isn't. I have a pair of Prada ostrich shoes (8 pairs actually) and it never requires any maintenance, only looking better over time.

    Banish the guilt OK? What's the point of spending so much $ only to be racked with guilt? It nullifies the pleasure...

    Live and enjoy. Whilst we still can.

  6. Oh my goodness! It's LOVELY!!! To top it all, it's made of Ostrich leather. Wow, just wow. :D

  7. im not too fond of ostrich skin especially if they are flesh coloured. but im liking this bag a lot. id say keep it. its a yay from me.

  8. just got to work and saw all these lovely comments! i like the bag, just don't want the white bit of leather turning black with age.

    k-lin: 8 pairs?! i am impressed! exotic skinned shoes are on my next wishlist! thanks for your lovely comment, live and let live!

    am keeping the bag, for the price i paid i think it is amazing :)

  9. nice bag. no modeling pics? :-)

  10. Wow, exquisite, exquisite, exquisite. That is such a great deal and the heavens conspired for you to have it. Lovin' the tie, too! Slick.

  11. The tie is awesome :)

  12. This bag is SO beautiful. Just say it is a christmas present to yourself. I love the tie as well.

  13. I need some advice! Not sure if this is the right forum so please ignore if I'm out of line posting here.

    I wanted to buy a couple of pieces from the LV Damier Graphite line for my boyfriend. I haven't seen them in person. Can 00o00 or anyone here recommend if they're suitable for a straight guy? And if so, which pieces do you recommend? Boys are so hard to shop for!

  14. i love it! what makes it more yummy is the fact that it's hand painted. and though it reminds me of the YSL rive gauche, that actually makes me like this more! nice haul!!!!!

    merry xmas n 09 :D

  15. allan, freshmess, ben, sophia, toosan: thanks a bunch :D

    estelle: the damier graphite range is intended for guys, the graphite grey is masculine and your BF should be able to carry off. are you after accessories, bags, luggages etc? check out their website, it has details of the full range and prices too. hope it helps :) and boys are not difficult to shop for. we like 99.99% of all LV stuff :D

  16. That bag is beautiful.....its like the exclamation mark at the end of an outfit. I am jealous but in the best way possible. I now need to go out and find my own bag nirvana!

  17. clarke76: thanks :) and your comment made me chuckle: lets all go find our bags nirvana!

  18. that is a really beautiful bag, and at such a bargain.
    so LUCKY..!!!1

    Ah Weng

  19. Thanks, 00o00! I was looking at some small luggage and/ or a briefcase type bag. Any reccos?
    PS, what does your name (00o00) mean?

  20. estelle, try the Jorn. it's a favourite amongst quite a few guys. it was featured on the runway too.

    00o00 doesn't mean anything in particular, just something random, like Oooo i like that!

  21. Thanks 00o00! I will check out the Jorn. It does look very nice. how come you don't have anything from the LV graphite line?

    happy new year and keep up the great blog!

  22. estelle: the graphite range is a permanent line so i thought i can take my time to think about it ha

    hope your BF likes it, if he doesn't give it to me!

    happy new year! :)

  23. Ostrich is quite durable. I have 2 Bottega off-white ostrich wallets and they have aged very well. When they get dirty, I just wipe them lightly with a slightly wet towel. Your DVN bag is very nice! Enjoy using it! Love the Burberry tie, too.

  24. uclaboi: i have been looking at bottega's ostrich creations for the past few days, and here you have 2 of their wallets!

    thanks for the tip, i'll remember that.

    & thanks for the lovely comment :)

  25. Bottega's exotics are one of the best, just as good as Hermes, if not better. (Personally, I like BVs styles more than Hermes.) You should get an ostrich wallet to go with your new bag! Hehe... :)

    BTW, here's a link to my collection, if you'd like to check it out. :P

  26. your ostrich bv collection is to die for! and i really love that perforated 2 tone brogues. your collection is simply stunning.

    and i love Love LOVE that whistler bag!

    seriously, your pics are a bad influence on me lol!

  27. I am infinitely jealous of that bag! It's 2D4, if you ever tire of it, let me know ;) haha... won't hold my breath.

  28. Hi!
    1)How much was this bag without reduction?
    2)Where to get from?
    Thank you!

  29. anon:
    1) about GBP900
    2) Dries Van Noten / Harvey Nichols. but this was a few seasons ago...


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