Monday, 1 December 2008

getting into the festive spirit in london

there's something very pretty about london at this time of the year. it's still not too unbearably cold, the christmas lights are on, and everyone is out enjoying the festive mood. come and enjoy the christmasy atmosphere, our economy needs you!

outside libertys of london and COS

outside banana republic at regents street

at stella mccartney

old bond street, in my humble opinion one of the prettiest street in london

i have the warm coat and gloves, all i need is someone by my side!


  1. Hi,
    since you seem to have a good YSL contact. Do you know when there official store sale (for everyone) starts? I will be in London on the 17th december and i need that turquoise jacket. :-)
    Feedback would be nice.
    Thanks again.
    P.S.: Beautiful pictures, much nicer than Hamburg!

  2. official sale for ysl is 27th dec but most stock would be gone by that time, they are slowly offering 50% to their regulars. there is only 2 turquoise jackets left, both size 52. if you really really want it, i know selfridges and harrods both stock it too.


  3. how beautiful! nothing beats Christmas time in Europe. i especially love Stella Mccartney's light display. it looks so tacky, its cool.

  4. @00oo00
    Thanks again. 52 is way too big for me.
    Are they already on sale at selfridges and harrods? And do you know about other designers sales like Lanvin, Burberry Prorsum or most important dior homme. Any chance that they start before christmas? Sorry for asking again.


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