Friday, 12 December 2008

inspiration or imitation?

vuitton paris speedy, GBP1,460

comme des garcon c-letters wallet, US$219. i quite like this actually heh

vuitton suede sac sport, about GBP1,400

APC garbadine sac weekend, US$240. i suggest all or nothing

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  1. I find it quite amusing when high fashion designers copy of other high fashion designers.

  2. maybe it's more inspired than copy heh

  3. The APC duffel looks so similar. :-P BTW, that LV duffel is already on display in Singapore's boutique window. Lovely in black suede! Not too big and perfect for day to day use and gym!

  4. i saw the brown suede last week, but it felt awkward and its also very pricey at £1400.

    i didn't think it comes in black suede, might be the dark navy siwa leather version you saw

    too ex!

  5. tbh, i think Vuitton copied Rei already with their Zippy wallets, no? i thought those zippy wallets are CdG's speciality, or am i mistaken?


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