Tuesday, 23 December 2008

merry christmas mr lawrence

i bought a vintage hermes tie on saturday at liberty. they had a small vintage concession within the men's department, and i am most thrilled! i love vintage finds, and they had quite a few hermes ties from the 90s! prices weren't cheap come to think of it, i paid 2/3 the price of a brand new tie for it, but i am loving cartoon prints on hermes tie at the moment so i gave in.

also bought a slim liberty tie which is beautifully embossed. the rich luscious color will go with most shirts in my wardrobe.

the ties that bind, merry christmas to myself.


  1. Love your Hermes Bunny tie. Love it! ;)

  2. me loves the bunnies too!!!

    Happy Christmas J00o00e and my bestest wishes for the New Year =)


  3. yay we are bunny boilers!

    merry christmas bb and dd (gosh it rhymes!) may all your w-lvoe-ishes come true! ok and mine too!

  4. That's a nice vintage tie! Interesting print of rabbits:-)

  5. merry merry christmas kev and allan!


  6. Thank you Joseph:-)

    And may little bunnies bring you lots of X'mas presents on X'mas eve:-P

    I like the handwritten label on the hermes tie. That is a mark of 'handmade' ties!

  7. i've got the same hermes's tie bought in the 90's!


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