Saturday, 13 December 2008

nicolas ghesquière on L'Express Styles

the one, the only, nicolas ghesquière on the cover of L'Express Styles with charlotte gainsbourg. ghesquière talks about style and who is his inspiration, which no surprise is his muse charlotte gainsbourg.

seriously, how can a guy be so devilishly delicious and yet talented at the same time? if it is evian i will clear out the supermart and bathe in them.

happy weekend :)



  1. He is handsome and marvellously talented. I was the first person in the UK to buy Balenciaga handbags, so Nicolas and I got history, but I am mainly jealous because he can call up Charlotte Gainsbourg and hang out anytime he wants.
    I am working on that MMM scarf by the way. I will let you know as soon as it arrives. Question is how do we exchange and still remain anonymous?

  2. man, so you and nicholas are on first name basis?? you have foresight, the bags are hotcakes now

    you managed to find another MMMMMMMM scarf!!! i guess you can leave it at your work reception and i pick it up, or we can post it and i'll reimburse the costs. or to make it more dramatic, leave it with the MMM staff at the new MMM store and i'll pick it up (i've not been yet..)

    this is so eggciting!!

  3. & how rude of me, thank you mr hare in advance!!

  4. MMMMMMMMMMMM.... sounds interesting =P

    im strongly attracted to unconventional beauties. and Charlotte tops my list.

  5. Nicolas = to die for!

    I couldn't get enough of his f/w 08 collection, simply amazing.

    he never fails to amaze me!


what's he wearing?