Wednesday, 31 December 2008

out & about - baby it's cold outside edition

i've always been taking days off work between christmas and new year. tuesday was a glorious day but it sure was cold. went out & about to nottinghill and knightsbridge to check out the sales, braved the winter chill in my grey calvin klein for gap organic cotton tee, vivienne westwood grey acrylic scarf, indigo cheap monday denims, black balenciaga peacoat, paul smith sneakers, navy blue raf simons cotton bag, smelling of hermes concentre d'orange verte and listening to coldplay's "viva la vida prospekt's march".

i love this coat but i feel it is very showy and attention grabbing, so i tried to downplay it by carrying a very casual nondescript bag, and letting some of the base tshirt peek through. limited as it is, i've seen 2 other guys sporting this coat on the streets. once in balenciaga new york, where both of us were wearing the same coat. we could have dug a hole and buried ourselves, even the staff were amused. i did the honorable thing to smile and acknowledge him but bitch completely ignored me. the next guy i saw was at harvey nichols last saturday, he was in front of me at the tills. i wanted to say "i have this coat too!" but he was with an elderly lady (his mom?! who shops at harvey nics with their mom?!) so i chickened out.

and here's a leggy blonde in paris during fashion week day 8 and hounded by paparazzi:

and the cutest punk showing how it should be done at the balenciaga studios:

and here's an annoyingly wholesome, tussled hair and chiselled jaw specimen showing everyone who is dah boss:

this is my last post for 2008 for i want it to be about my favourite fashion house. put on your gladrags and welcome in 2009. i will be having dinner at my friends', and i will be dressed in balenciaga too.

all the very best wishes, and good night :)



  1. What a fashionable post to end 2008 with.
    Have an amazing 2009, J!

  2. Happy new year to you, Joseph!

    Me likey the Vivienne Westwood scarf btw ;)

  3. balenciaga is love.

    happy new year!

  4. i always love it when UR wearin' the B peacoat... Gorgeous! :D

    Happy 2009...

    and many many great posts to come along the way...

    my best wishes 2U...

  5. I want to see your Balenciaga collection! Do show!!

    Here's to you - Happy New Year!

  6. We heart Balenciaga.:-) That jacket is a stunner. I regret not buying when I had the chance.:-(

  7. happy new year mister J, in Balenciaga!

  8. thanks guys, happy new year :D
    may 2009 be a great year for us all


  9. Ooh, I love all those buttons. I must hunt gold buttons down some time in 2009.

  10. That is the awesomest peacoat ever. And Hermes Concentre D'Orange Verte is a great scent. Try Terre D'Hermes too, you might like it!


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