Sunday, 28 December 2008

out & about - boxing day sales mayhem edition

yesterday was the official start of the autumn winter sale in london, and all hell broke loose! the streets and shops were packed! doesn't help that post boxing day sales starts on a saturday this year so most people ain't working and they were out in droves wiping stocks off the racks.

well i can't beat them, so i joined them in my gucci shirt, acne jeans and h&m cashmere jumper. the shops would be packed and it will be rather hot indoors so i decided to dress light during sale times. it was such an adrenaline rush this morning this were the 2 pictures i managed to take. i didn't even have time to iron my shirt!

and i bought a little something. the burberry bag is probably an overkill, i only bought a tie but they wrapped it up elaborately! and i bought a white dries van noten bag that is made from ostrich leather from harvey nichols. to be honest i am pondering over it now. white and exotic leather? what am i thinking?!

sale day 1 and items bought so far (including pre sales dating back to early december..)
- ysl rive gauche suede shoes
- ysl rive gauche shirt
- vintage hermes tie
- liberty tie
- burberry prorsum cardigan
- burberry prorsum tie
- dries van noten ostrich leather bag

i need to exercise restrain...

ok shower, sleep. happy sundays


  1. oh only wore a shirt amidst the winter weather? you are superman! my fren told me it was -12 degrees at his place...outside of london. yikes!:-)

    love that gucci shirt.

    And sounds amazing for the dries bag! Reveal! Reveal!

  2. love the outfit, you look cute! haha. can't wait to see the DVN bag! :)

  3. the painted ostrich dries bag by any chance?

  4. it was very very cold! but since we are shops hopping i figured it kinda make sense to dress light. yea but it was cold grrrrr!

    anon: it's the painted ostrich bag! how did you know?? i couldn't find any pics anywhere!

  5. wow! you must be earning a lot of money.

    What do you do with your old clothes?


  6. if i am earning a lot of money i wouldn't be buying items on sale!

    old clothes? i wear them. i still wear stuff that is 5-6years old, mix and match :)

  7. what, no treasure trail this time?


    I'm curious about that painted ostrich bag. why paint ostrich skin? or is it a painting of an ostrich on a bag? :p

  8. allan: hehe, no.

    it's painted ostrich skin, although i wouldn't mind painting of an ostrich on a bag too hmmm..

  9. anon again- rather jealous you got the bag on sale before me- i was looking at it a few days before the sale- strange to find it in winter- it's a great bag for the spring...

  10. anon: what a coincidence! it is a great bag for spring i agree. i also saw another dries van noten bag, rather large in brown, discounted to about £240+ which i thought was a great price. but that is rather big for daily use so i passed that.. there were also a lot of bags piled up by the accessories counter which i thought was rather interesting! i might check it out on tuesday...

  11. i love that Dries ostrich bag! it looks very Muse 2 to me with the colors and flap and it is a fabulous buy. congrats on your exotic purchase, it's a definite keeper!


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