Wednesday, 24 December 2008

out & about - last sunday's mad last minute christmas dash edition

last sunday, i joined the ranks of the other million shoppers making their mad dash to clear out the supermarket. i cannot understand why, but since the restaurants and shops are closed for most days i reckon it must be wise to join them then.

i would never thought of wearing that sweater on other days, but since it's the festive season we get away with anything. toasty mittens (£1 !), cable knit wool jumper (£5 !), baggy denims, burgundy socks all H&M! plimsoles from asos, smelling of marc jacobs basil and listening to james morrison's "broken strings".

we neeeeeed food! & have yourself a merry merry christmas :)


  1. The sweater is very nice:-) So cheery and should wear it more!

    Is that 1/3 of abs I see on the first pic?:-P hehehe

  2. oh dear that wasn't my intention :s

    changing subjects swiftly: anyone see that mousepad in the background? :D

  3. Murakami, shmurakami, when there's a treasure trail, it's hard to look away lol.

    Merry Christmas ;)

  4. hey there, sexy thing. nice treasure trail you got. :p

  5. ahah..the path that leads to the 'family treasure':-P

  6. Treasure trail, indeed. You sure made us all merry. :)
    Merry Christmas!

  7. funny poses, cute outfit. my god, i love you already! haha!!

    and oh, merry christmas! =)


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