Monday, 15 December 2008

out & about - rainy day edition

white polo tee MARC JACOBS STINKY RAT purple wool striped sweater GAP brown hand painted belt MARC JACOBS black denim jeans CHEAP MONDAY green wool scarf PAUL SMITH dark blue military wool pea coat BALENCIAGA white sneakers SWEAR FOR TOPMAN odeur de YSL L'HOMME musik from COLDPLAY LOVERS IN JAPAN

& this is how it is done by a chiseled jaw and tussled hair d00o00d for a catalog shoot for a japanese clothes store. i suspect le model is french and he drinks evian. must be.

since this is a blog i should record down the day's happenings. woke up at 12pm, got changed and ready to go out, excited as we've made plans to go out back in the week. texted friend at 1pm no replies called back at 3pm to say she's got a hangover but we're going out anyway let's meet at 4:15pm. got a call at 3:30pm to say she doesn't want to go out anymore because it is raining. the sky is greyer than my mood and the pictures were horrible as there was insufficient lighting. i went out nonetheless and got my christmas shopping done. went to westfields europe's biggest shopping mall which opened a month ago, all that planning but they can't build a shelter from the tube station? rained the whole day can the sky stop sobbing already? i don't like westfields it lacks character and exclusivity and i never like one stop shops. 10pm can it stop raining already?

dear me.


  1. The secret of being mighty cute?...Evian? We need to ask Brieuc to verify this. Cos' his friends are always so cute:-P

    Love the balenciaga coat. so nice!

    What shops can you find in westfield?

  2. yes lets all move to france!

    they have a lot of shops at westfields: gucci prada mulberry ferragamo vuitton etc etc

    but the overall feel it gave me was.. it was very vivocity. rather bland.

  3. I want that coat much! Beautiful...

  4. yes. brieuc's friends are hot: Laurent, Clement and David


  5. Very much agree with your comments on Westfield. I see it as a useful barometer for brand over-expansion.

    What are you thinking about for S/S09?

    I'm thinking Bottega and Margiela.


  6. korok: westfield is rather bland i don't think i will go there anytime soon.

    s/s09.. i am really like vuitton (rtw and accessories), burberry prorsum. i like clean understated stuff these days :)

  7. Oh shit... that jacket... must have... ;)

    Do you have any better pictures of that belt? I need a new brown belt.. Any suggestions? Anyone?


  8. That coat is mighty. The yum.


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