Sunday, 21 December 2008

out & about - saturday mad last minute christmas dash edition

i must have been so tired, i slept till 2pm. the winter sun was about to set! thought of going to the tate but realised that i left out one present so was off to oxford street in my gap (red) tshirt, h&m merino wool sweater, cheap monday jeans, balenciaga coat, gola camoflauge sneakers and smelling of marc jacobs basil. bad choice, there were millions of shoppers doing their last minute shopping! it was so stressful!

seeked refuge at the H&M changing rooms and tried on the shawl collar sweater which was reduced to £10. it just doesn't feel right. life's unfair, mathias can make loo rolls look sexy.

& oh, whoever's looking for the sailor-esque trousers i saw them at H&M regent street on saturday.

and i bought a little something from liberty, one of the most beautiful stores in london. something from their vintage concession...


  1. love the outfit! you look amazing!

    anyway, i tried on that h&m shawl collar sweater too and i didn't like the way it fit. :( oh well.

  2. woke up @ 2 pm too, buzy week, i needed to boost my battery

  3. wax: thanks :) oh you tried that sweater as well? it's odd don't you think, the fit seems to be quite off..

    anon: that makes the 2 of us then! sleep is good...

  4. I think they must have pin the sweater like crazy during the photoshoot! I bet it never did fit Mathias that well too. All the secret tricks of photography!

    I love your skinny jeans!

    And what's in the liberty bag? They have excellent insect print shirts...

  5. kev: thanks :) yea liberty does crazy insect prints, and a lot of them were on sale now... i bought a little something for work, christmas presents to myself :)

  6. i love love love Liberty prints! show us pls.

  7. I love how you chose to wear your sweater - very creative.

    Isn't Balenciaga amazing?!

  8. I love the styling. It reminds me of Burberry.

    You can never go wrong with Balenciaga!


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