Tuesday, 9 December 2008

out & about

as much as i love shopping, i find it a drag to shop for people (as i get easily distracted) so it is taking me forever to shop for christmas presents. but i did drag myself out and about last saturday. the weather was too glorious to stay home and sit in my pants eating nacho chips (?)

i love marc jacobs goodies. mj thermals!

then it's my favourite jeans of the moment: cheap monday black denim. *breathe in*

smelling of hermes un jardin en mediterranee and listening to coldplay's "lovers in japan" on youtube. i am so loving the song, and loving the scent. i got it as a free sample when i bought my tie.

then it's a vintage looking tshirt from h&m from about 5 years ago.

then it's a cherry red duffle coat from gucci cruise 2008

then it's coldplay's "viva la vida". i hear jerusalem bells are ringing, roman cavalry choirs are singing

then it's my paul smith cloth sneakers which i can literally fly in

feeling upbeat and fresh smelling i am ready to rule the world as coldplay rings in my head.

and i sure hope my mood is more upbeat than the slightly glum looking d00o00d on the runway:

please excuse my once in a while narcissism!


  1. whenever i shop for my friends... i end up buying things that i like, so i end up keeping them....

  2. haha...i have the MJ thermal as well...i love it!

    But they dont have it anymore do they?

    like your slightly funky style , a change from your usual sleek image!

  3. Tom... if you ever want to donate your clothes, please contact me (grin). You have great taste, and a healthy bank account.

  4. oo i like the jacket and the shoes

  5. You sure can jump Joseph! Hahaha.

    I love the Gucci Jacket.

  6. erm tom??

    that is one of my fave jacket of the moment, perhaps my only bright colored jacket for bright sunny days heh


  7. I do love your style. Hello from Manila! :)

  8. freshmess: oh you're in manila now? hehe we're taking turns!

    thanks :D

  9. who's Tom?

    are you called Tom sometimes?

    nice jacket

  10. sometimes mary, often betty but neven tom!

    i love the jacket, thanks allan :D

  11. very nice jacket ! what was the retail for that piece when it was in store ?

    greetings from norway

  12. love your belt!! :-)

    may i know where to get the belt?

    best regards.:-)

  13. jack: it's from marc jacobs specials range, but i bought this earlier in the year so probably can't find this in their shops now...

  14. sad to hear dat :-(

    but anyway ,

    any brand recommended for this kind of belt?

    i love the narrow design!

    best regards :-)

  15. I absolutely adore your Gucci coat! I'm kicking myself for not having noticed that last year :(

  16. thanks emerald dandy! that's the odd thing about sales, you never kow what you might find!

    happy shopping :)

  17. if you ever get bored with the Gucci coat (which I'm STILL lusting over) I would KILL to buy it from you! I know, a boy can dream... right?!

    Emerald Dandy


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