Saturday, 6 December 2008

out and about - H&M and zara

went to H&M last week to check out what new goodies were in store, and am very surprised to find comme des garcons' range still available for sale. thought it would have been completely sold out by now. i got very excited to find the below shirt in size "m" which is my usual H&M size!

but upon trying, it fits like a tent! i decided not to get it despite it being limited edition and all. it just didn't fit. but now looking back at pics, it looked alright actually. bahhhh

the new shirt from "man trend" range, which i previously mentioned here too. just doesn't fit very well on me.

a short cropped black jacket with satin lapels. not exactly expensive at GBP39, very on trend and i look like a cool kid hanging around topshop. but i am not cool nor am i a kid so i put this back on the shelf

from zara, we have a cotton jacket with padded lining/interior. it feels great and is priced amazingly at GBP39. but the problem is that it also looks like it is GBP39.

so i walked away from all items above. see i can exercise restrain too.

and hmm. seems like i am still not too pudgy for skinny jeans *breathe in*


  1. The satin cropped jacket looks great! I would grab it! Accessorise with some glamourous jacket pins and it will not be topshop cool kid look. More like Dior:-P The Zara one is not nice. It's too wrinkled.

    Skinny jeans is great. Love them.

  2. Its true that the H&M x CDG collection fits bigger but according to the sales assistant, it is suppose to be like that as it is the style for that particular collection. I was there at the pre-sales event and managed to grab a few stuff. I am absolutely in love with the trench coat! However, I think I am selling my asymmetrical button shirt, 2-tone shirt (brown and blue) and blue polka dots shirt. Everything is in size M and I am only looking for the retail price. The baggy fit just doesn't suit me and I want to sell it off before I leave UK for good in 2 weeks time! Contact me at if anyone is interested!

    Sorry for advertising =)

  3. lucky you for getting the CDG for H&M stuff!

  4. are you kidding?? the black jacket looks great on you! I'm sure you look cool and there's nothing wrong with it.

    *sigh* if only Australia had H&M, zara, topshop, etc etc, the only thing we have is, hmm, American Apparel!? Does that even count I wonder lol


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