Saturday, 20 December 2008

the unlikely style hero - ryan gosling and his lumberjack peacoat

there's something quirky about ryan gosling. he's not the mainstream pretty poster boy but he has classic features like that of a 50s movie star. i am so loving this ensemble: the amazing peacoat with the sheeps wool collar, the color coordinated trousers, the rugged boots and his melancholy and infinite sadness.

you just want to go forward and give him a manhug to tell him everything will be fine, and to ask him where he got that amazing coat from.



  1. Urban Outfitters sells a pretty similar one to this:

    Cute, but I'm trying to limit my spending to business attire lately. Que lastima.

  2. Ryan is very classically handsome, and I agree about the sadness...I love him for it though.

  3. rococo: the peacoat from urban outfitters is nice! but i prefer ryan's version. the shearling collar makes all the difference!

    allan: yes manhugs, we all love manhugs, no? and to whisper in his ear "where you got this peacoat mate i like it a lot!"

  4. Joseph, you might as well plant your man kiss on his cheeks since you are already so near to him during whisper.:-P I think I would grope him...oops...better not let santa hear this. I still need my LV zippy organiser.:-P

  5. I got mine at Marshall's in January. Well not exactly a pea coat, but a remnant lumber jackets from the 80's.

  6. yes yes, plant a man kiss and then tell him you'd want to give him a man job later.



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