Tuesday, 2 December 2008

vuitton spring summer 2009 men's shoes

more shoes! it is barely winter here and i am already looking at the spring summer 2009 shoes from louis vuitton! most of their shoes are crazily expensive, costing GBP450 and upwards (for calf leather!). but below are my picks, shoes which i really really like and am lookng forward to seeing and trying when it is in stores. all priced around GBP350, which is oddly affordable as compared to other shoes! not seeing the rubber banded shoes from the runway though...

navigator richelieu in perforated suede calf leather, GBP365. my favourite easily...

mayflower derby in calf leather, GBP360.

navy loafer in glazed calf leather, GBP360. i like this tooo...

and from the current winter collection, the ballade richelieu in glazed calf leather. the lines are so architectural i really like it. GBP300. oh dear i really really like this...

i have a GBP850 credit note to utilise. i am in lust with the graffiti keepall which will be released in jan 09, the suede sac sport from spring 09, and the above shoes. *wails*

they sent me an email asking me to look at city guides, how did i end up looking at shoes!? *wails*



  1. Use your credit note to get the orange grafitti! Never a better time:-)

    and the perforated shoe looks fab.

    Happy 'baked beans' month! Dec gets you in the shopping mood.:-)

  2. i want those red "Navy" loafers too!

  3. kev: it's 00:51am now and i am afraid to sleep as the neon graffiti monster would haunt me!! orange for neon graffiti orange for baked beans!

    dd: the navy loafers and the last pair of ballade richelieu are the most practical and i am very tempted. but seriously are vuitton shoes at all comfy?

  4. they're the best! i never had to break-in any of them. im just waiting for the banded ones to come out.

  5. I like the Navigator for some reason...

  6. yea i like the banded ones too.. i suspect these are pre spring rather than proper spring summer...

    vuitton is bad for health and wallets

  7. EXACTAMUNDO!!! i don't know if its better or worse than smack. but i LoVe it.

  8. I like The red "Navy" loafer.

  9. these shoes are great. They provide comfort, support and are so easy to put on and take off.
    I would definitely buy a pair of these ones.Great article, and cool photos.

  10. Wow, this is quite dofferent than most lolitas. I rreally love it!


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