Thursday, 4 December 2008

ysl rive gauche blue stripped shirt

at last saturday's ysl preview sale, i also bought a blue stripped shirt. i love everything about it: the fit is great, the collar shape is just right, the weave is gorgeous, and the cufflinks that came with it...

the collar sticks and extra buttons came in a matching pouch

and the gorgeous chain cufflinks that came with it

at 50% off, it is a fantastic piece which i will wear to work. reinvest as they say



  1. they do make great shirts really, i like :D

  2. love your shirt...btw , i went to ferragamo today and i saw little green stickers on some of the that a sign that they're going to have a sale soon?

  3. londonboy: not sure about green stickers but every retailer is preparing for the big sale anyway. you could probably ask them when is the sale if you are interested in a particular item, if they are keen they will offer you sale price on the spot.

    bought anything nice today?

  4. OMG... I just bought a shirt just like it with the gold cufflinks, in a really light blue cotton or silk I think.. Just awesome fit, and the construction is amazing...
    I totally want to go thru your closet.. lol


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