Tuesday, 2 December 2008

ysl rive gauche light suede eton lace ups

went to check out the ysl preview sale on saturday, and came back with this...

if it appears greenish in the pics, that's because it is olive in color! it's a rather odd color choice and a difficult color to pull off, but it is also surprisingly versatile. in dim light, it looks like a faded shade of black, in bright lights the rusty antique-y olive green comes through.

i figured i can wear it for work and for play:

in grey and rainy london i probably don't have much chance to wear this pair of suede brogues, but this is not for everyday wear anyway. to be honest i wouldn't pay full price for suede shoes because it is insanely difficult to care for. but at 50% off this is the beat my heart skipped.

now i just need to find a place for the new member to the family (to be fair those on the left bank belongs to me housemate...)


  1. green shoes are great. i wear a pair when i feel rather kicky.

  2. great sure really. are you from manila?

  3. dd: i dreamt of glow in the dark keepall last night! must haveeee!

    moschular: no am not from manila :)

    mr hare: thanks! especially happy coming from a shoe connoisieur like you :D

  4. Hey Joseph, nice brogues from YSL. I think it is a good shoe to wear with lots of things. SO colours is not a problem. It is dark so anything goes.

    And your shoe collection is definitely more impressive than your housemates. Can see the difference in lifestyle and preference. You prefer more dressy types. I love that tall boot! Lucky you to be able to wear.

    I hope the price for the LV graffiti Keepall is not insane. Yikes.


  5. its a sign Joe!!! which colour was it in your dream?

  6. kev: my cousin came round on saturday she thought we had a party going on with all the shoes! yea i buy lots of work shoes which is a bit insane

    dd: bright bright neon orange! it's so tacky but i like it so much. but i also like the suede sac sport. i need a part time job really

  7. @00oo00
    Thanks again. 52 is way too big for me.
    Are they already on sale at selfridges and harrods? And do you know about other designers sales like Lanvin, Burberry Prorsum or most important dior homme. Any chance that they start before christmas? Sorry for asking again.
    P.S.: Have to book my flight today. :-)

  8. hi anon, not sure about selfridges and harrods, but there was a 20% storewide discount at selfridges last week, and most of the sizes go really quickly. sorry am not too sure about sale dates for the other labels, but if it is like previous years, it will be post boxing day (27th).

    retail is very bad, i think there will be lots of selection post christmas. if you're here on 17th, pop by the shops and ask when their official sale is. if they are keen, they might say official sale is a week later but they can offer the discount to you straight away. that's what happened to me at ferragamo this summer anyway.

    sorry if i can't be of more help. hope you will enjoy london and happy shopping!

  9. it's beautiful! good pick! I saw this shoes in malaysia too, but they didn't have my size sigh. congrats tho! your collection is a killer

  10. thanks toosan :) one can never have too many ysl!

  11. I LOVE ur SHOES!!! Too bad they dont stock any men shoes or any men items down here.. I'm also a bit of shoe-a-holic myself...85 pairs! but ur collection is way amazing..

  12. thanks fatah, don't think i will ever beat 85 pairs!

  13. Great shoes! Saw a couple that I wanted from YSL on Friday but alas, nothing in my size at all. Same thing with the military belts!
    Off to Dior tonight for the pre-sale so hoping to make up for the disappointment!

  14. rakis: that's the prob with sales, not much sizes left! dior pre sale? lucky you! where??

  15. Dior pre-sale at Sloane Street started today for women's stuff and a little birdy told me where and when the Dior Homme sale will be held as well (very nice SA source).
    50% of current season clothes (awesome military coat I saw today will be only 375quid) plus other goodies.
    At the rate the pre-sales are starting maybe this will be a new trend in London...major labels having properly discounnted pre-sales....maybe Fendi, Bottega and even Gucci??? I will keep you posted!

  16. i love those pair of olive shoes! fabulous :)

  17. nothing more luscious than a pair of olive shoes


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