Sunday, 11 January 2009

alexander mcqueen fall winter 2008 coat

newsflash: this alexander mcqueen coat from fall winter 2008, is reduced from GBP1,580 to GBP350 at harvey nichols london. yes GBP350, and as of saturday afternoon there were a few sizes left from sizes 48 to 52. yes, GBP350!

if i can do this coat any justice. this is such a lush and amazing coat. while waiting for the constipated guy to come out of the changing room, 2 couples (1 gay, 1 straight) came up to me and asked where i got the coat from. i take it as a good sign! (does this make it an omni-sexual coat??). the leopard skin collar is absolutely lush, and i can turn it upwards if i am wearing it to work without looking ra-ra. i nearly cummed in my pants when i found my size (48 if you would like to know) on the racks.

BUT i felt very disappointed, lush as it is it doesn't fit well. it doesn't fit snugly like it should. there's a belt that comes with the coat but having no waist i can't do the belted look. i guess this coat is so expensive largely because of the leopard skin on the collar. the exorbitant price tag and current state of economy means 2 sizes each left on the heavily reduced merchandise rack. this is such a good price, but i have to walk away as it just doesn't fit well. and they don't have it one size down.

oh well, here's how it's done on the runway:



  1. Good choice to walk away. Can see that the coat is overwhelming you. Unlike your burberry coat, which is very flattering.:-P

  2. But the unbelievably affordable now! Oh my...economy showing that luxury goods are taking a hit to be markdown so much! Lucky u in London. Here in SG, all those 'unwanted left on the racks to collect dust' goods are still at maximium 50% off. Not good enough! We need rock bottom prices!

  3. how ridiculous is that markdown!!! we don't get that kind of discounts here in Australia either. shame the coat didn't fit though. but you still should've tried it with the belt.

  4. now that your friends know about your blog already, don't you think it's about time to show your face to us, your dear readers? ;)

  5. kev & dd: the price slash is insane. i did try it with the belt and took a pic too, but it's not flattering at all. erm waist is not my strong point. i think you guys will have a field day if you come, weak stirling, price slash. come save our economy please!

    anon: it's always been my humble ambition to appear on if i ever get street photo-ed by mr schulman i will paste it here! till then, you have to make do with the headless chicken shots.

  6. AWFUL coat. You're better off without it. It looks like wardrobe for a cheesy gangster film. That leopard collar looks fake and forced and just ridiculous.

  7. estelle: yes i walked away, but seriously the coat is lush. if it fits one size smaller i would have given it serious thought :)

  8. That's so sad the fit didn't work out - it's a beautiful coat!

    Oh well, more money for your next fantastic purchase!
    Emerald Dandy

  9. oh man... it's called "jizzed in my pants" these days lol. look for "jizz in my pants" on youtube ;)

    glad you like that coat. it's pretty cool, but not my style. (you know... the leopard thing...)

    can't wait to see the bag tho!

  10. that's one funny song and video ha! (the one from lonely island)

    can't stop singing now!

  11. YOU have EXQUISITE taste!!! Just saw this on Blogger's TopList. The Harvey Nics sales lured you with luxury discounts...but it the coat doesn't fit, its not bargain at 'tall :)

  12. The coat actually looks better on you than the runway model w/ the belt. You could take it to a tailor and get it altered and taken in at the waist, if you really like it.

    BTW, I'll be going to London end of Feb (it'll be my first time in UK). Do you think they'll still have sale merch. left by then? I want to check out Browns and Matches.

  13. thanks MH :) yea it's not a bargain if it doesn't fit. but it will be a bargain for others heh

    uclaboi: wow that's a lovely comment! i have too many coats, so i'm not going to get anything off the rack that requires tailoring

    end of feb there won't be any sales left. but you will plenty of sizes for the new collections. with the strong dollar you're gaining anyway. if you like you can visit bicester village, kinda like woodbury common in NYC with all the outlet shops. browns and matches are great shops, but very small so don't expect a huge emporium!

  14. you're not the only one to walk away from this coat- they still have several in all the sizes

  15. anon: they still have sizes left? really strange, despite the hefty mark downs. i find it to be a sizing issue, i'll grab a 46 if i can find it. it's a nice coat i like it


  16. 00o00 love your blog. The size 52 is actually gone. Its now part of my wardrobe.:) My wife bought it for me as a birthday present and as she work there she got a further 20% discount

  17. anon: a further 20% discount! you practically got the coat for free then! it's an amazing coat i really like it but it just doesnt fit very well on me

    hope you like the coat, and thanks for the lovely comment :)

  18. OHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh...
    Do they still have this coat in SALE?
    Do you know it?
    I really would like to have it!
    Tank you for your information!!!

  19. It is exactly the coat i want to buy.
    Do you know who has this or where i can get it?
    THANK YOU!!!


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