Monday, 12 January 2009

balenciaga linen weekender

my first purchase in 2009. my very first balenciaga bag.

there's a very functional internal zipped pocket, plus a separate cell phone pocket. the interior is lined in very retro plaid design! i think i have a pair of gap boxers that goes with it!

and as seen on

and me trying on the bag at harrods:

as a self proclaimed balenciaga fan, i am shocked that i waited for this long to get my very first balenciaga bag. and i managed to outdo myself too, this being my sixth weekend travel bag, i don't even go on that many weekend trips anymore! this bag was from the men's spring summer 2008 collection. they happened to find 3 bags lying at the back of the store room, not sure what it was doing there but it had to go, especially since it's from spring 2008. so they put it out and 5 mins later i sauntered along and didn't let go since.

it is a tad too big for work, but being 6ft tall i think i can get away with it. and i will bring it to work to make it worthwhile! i can carry it over my shoulders in the summer when i am not wearing my coat.

the crazy thing is, it cost GBP839 originally, and i got it for... GBP199. i just have to take it home and decide what i want to do about it.

one can never have too many balenciaga(s) :)



  1. I am SO jealous!! That is such a wonderful Balenciaga bag - I'm so glad that was your first as opposed to a typical City bag that everyone carries.... GREAT FIND!!

    Now if only I could find some amazing Balenciaga deals here in Seattle...

  2. tom, you're such a bad influence, you are gonna make me breaking my new year resolution which is not to spend any more $$$.........

  3. wow what an amazing steal! Only £199?? You are one lucky guy and you definitely ripped them off haha. Great bag and you have great taste if I may say so! Hope you had a good new year and as always, I love the blog. Keep up the good work.


  4. WOW. GBP 199. This gave me the disturbia. Life's unfair! :p Congrats, you wear it so well.

    6 ft - NIIIICE.

  5. you are seriously making me drool like mad with your recent bag purchase. This was one bag that I would buy even in full price. But SG does not stock it. And I am so surprise by the lining. Lovely plaid!

    YEs, we can never have enough balenciaga. It looks good as a day to day tote. what a great price too! Lucky you!

    Enjoy the bag...can you model the ostrich dries bag for us?:-P


  6. emerald dandy: thanks :D i would love one of their city bags but it never gets reduced ha! oh, seattle is one of the places i really like to visit. i am thinking seagulls and boardwalks and coffee

    Mikhail: spend a little live a lot!

    barronblahnik: thanks :D & happy new year to you too :)

    freshmess: we need more disturbia and good bois gone badd

    kev: i am catching up, you need more bags! i'll take a pic of la ostrich when i go out & about with it, which may not be anytime soon as it rains often in winter and it might be too cold for the bald ostrich!

  7. GBP 199?? OMG! You're so lucky. Great bag, by the way! :)

  8. gd price. great bag.
    teh color is quite easy to catch dirt.
    just be careful using it :)

  9. GBP199!!!! can i hate you just a little? congrats =)

  10. I am totally with DeluxeDuck with the "hate" - okay, I am better now. Congrats on the bag - can I borrow? :)

  11. tell me how I can get one for GBP199 too... I have been hooked to Kelvin (mymanybag), bagaholicboy & your blog. Too bad like what Kelvin mentioned.. we do not have this is sg

  12. Just GBP 199?!!! I better start packin and movin up there.

  13. thanks guys :D
    £199 was an exception, we don't usually find such deals. i just happened to be at the right place and right time i guess


  14. See...helping the economy does has its rewards....Joseph, your good shopping karma has work its magic!:-)

    We need more shopping karma!


    oh the bald ostrich remark is funny..why you have such a good sense of humour?!?!? Mr Duck, I am gonna 'hate' you a little:-(


  15. And if you look closely enough you can actually see Joe!

  16. Congratulation on your purchase and it's a very good deal. You have to be aware that Balenciaga is addictive. Once you have one, you're craving for more...

  17. omg the bag is gorgeous! and the price is insanity! i'm so jealous!

    love your blog btw

  18. Congrats!!! Im soo Jealous! =P But happy for you! LOVE it!

  19. omfg! 200 GBP! that's basically 200 Euros! damn, what a bargain!

    i might even be tempted to ask you to trade with one of my Balenciaga Motorcycle bags lol.

  20. I hate you.

    That's a pretty thing.

  21. That's an awesome deal! You're getting me really excited about shopping in the UK! Can't wait to go in a month.

  22. i have cash and i want that bag! contact me to sale

  23. Very nice bag.
    Do they have more of this?

  24. anon: i doubt they have anymore, the bag is from eons ago which they happened to find a spare one lying around...


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