Friday, 9 January 2009


i was eagerly and excitedly telling my friends about my dries van noten ostrich bag, they went online to google it and stumbled straight onto my blog! how's that for trying to stay anonymous! now they will know it's all a lie and shambles and i hardly look this put together in real life. i have to silence them now *polish knives*

here's us at the longest champagne bar in the world at kings cross st pancreas station, sipping pol roger champagne, after a cheap and cheerful meal across the street. talking about ironies!



  1. Oo00ops...well, one thing is for sure, you can never keep this good a 'secret' for too long!

    Hahaha. Congrats on your 'blog outing' to your friends:-P

  2. happy weekend!

  3. You would be surprised with the things that people find online. I have to shut off the old archives from mine and start all over again when too many co-workers asks about my blog because they heard about it from their friends whom I don't even know.

    There's just too many entries about on bitching bout work and the crush on someone at work

  4. Well, you might just have to change your name.

  5. changing name sounds good. i always wanted to be joshua or balthazar and sometimes svetlana


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