Wednesday, 7 January 2009

cole haan for assouline leather bag

i am madly in lust with this gorgeous bag! made by cole haan for ultra chic new york institution assouline. embossed with numerals from the didot alphabet, the inner canvas is lined with convenient zipper pockets. exclusively available through the assouline boutique at the plaza hotel in new york. the bag retails for US$450.

i love those embossed numerals! i really really like it, it's great for work! what's the dimensions? is the leather soft?? i don't care, I WANT!!!

who's in new york??



  1. Oh you should have mentioned this only but a few days ago and I may have picked up one for you while I was still there!! Lol. Maybe next time you shall be luckier.


  2. happy birthday freshmess!

    craig: i only saw this today, oh bummer :( but welcome back to icy icy london!

  3. The US was its positively balmy here for me :)

    I do like the bag though...not sure I could pull it off though...

  4. This bag is pretty and classic!:-) Love it too. But it does reminds me of Bottega bags, since the buckled handles is of a similar design and in Spring 2007, BV did use numbers and alphabets as design elements for their clothing:-P

    Hope you get the help you need in US for this bag!

  5. hmmm... i actually don't mind this either.

  6. it does look like it's been inspired by bottega isn't it! but this is great looking, however at current lousy GBPUSD exchange rate it's not working for me


  7. Hello..i'm new to your site. I stumbled upon it while I was searching for the Assouline Cole Haan Bag. I checked out the bag at the Plaza and it was Gor-juss. It's what I've imagined it to be. Lightweight, soft and drool-worthy. The associate there told me that there are only 12 bags left but this week they will be selling the same bag in "black" and "red". I want to wait for the red first before deciding to buy. your blog and your fashion. Cheers

  8. traveloholic: thanks for the lovely comment. the bag comes in black and red too??! oh my. lucky you to be in nyc! do let me know if you got the bag, would love to see pics!


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