Monday, 12 January 2009

early sunday morning

oh i so love this polaroid thingy!
ok proper pics to come soon :)


  1. Hey, I love the bag, i just bought a very nice man-bag for myself from the D@G sale.

    I just discovered your blog, its amazing i feel like your my twin but taller and with more money! :)
    But im a student :(

    Keep up with the pics

    BTW I love your Burberry coat!

    Ollie x

  2. Looks good... more pics, more pics!

  3. i love your bag! i hope i could get my balenciaga soon :)

  4. ollie: thanks! scary to think there's another one of me out there! hope you're enjoying your new bag :)

    alvin: soon!

    fuchsiaboy: thanks! we love balenciaga!

  5. OMG.Love ur photo n da balenciaga.

    ur pic is so nice dat i've downloaded da software myself. how did u put words on ur polaroid btw??

  6. nooooo love them poladroidssssss!


what's he wearing?