Friday, 30 January 2009

fake bake

truely a sad day. fake copies of the 2009 louis vuitton stephen sprouse tribute graffiti keepalls were already flooding the web (i thought of uploading those pics, but i felt so repulsed by it). it's not cool to carry fake bags. it's not ethical to buy fake bags. the bags could have been made by child labour in poor under developed countries, and proceeds might have been used for illegal acts.

why spend $180 on a fake keepall? if i can't afford a vuitton keepall i would never resort to getting a ripped copy. one can get a decent luggage elsewhere for that price.

for those who appreciate the finer details in life, the real mckoys will be launched on 2nd feb worldwide. keep it real, keep it real!


  1. You're totally right. I'd rather carry nothing than carry fake.

  2. I love and support FAKES. Why give all our hard-earned money to Karl, Donatella, Marc, Miuccia, Frida etc?? Why support their cocaine binges, palazzos, orgies, quest for world domination etc? When was the last time they called you up to hang with them by their pool?

    If the fake is done well, I'm definitely buying it! The technology is getting better and better these days, thank goodness. Who can tell the difference from far?? You know these designs don't last anyway and there's going to be something else new along the why waste all that hard-earned money on something as transient and trivial as a BAG??

    Buying fakes is my way of giving the finger to these egotistical, greedy, money-grabbing designers.

    And I DARE you to publish this ;)

  3. what about the part where ideas and creativity are being hijacked? people stealing the designs and ideas and profiting from it?

    the part where child labour is involved, where labour is underpaid so that they can create a cheap keepall to sell?

    the part where artisan and tradition to be upheld so skills could be passed down?

    i am not advocating people to buy designer products. the message is that if one cannot afford it, there is no point in buying fakes. a $10 H&M bag works just as fine.

    if designs doesn't last long and something else will come along soon, that's where H&M comes in. so there's no excuse to buy fakes.

  4. as i say time and time again.... YOU ARE JUST AS FAKE AS THE BAG YOU'RE CARRYING.

  5. Go read Dana Thomas' 'How Luxury lost its Luster' if you want the sordid truth behind all your 'original' designer/luxury bags. Many of these 'original' designer bags are made under sweatshop conditions by factories in China. No one talks about it in the luvvie world of fashion, but she blew the whistle. It's something I suspected long ago. How are you so sure that the bag you paid all that money for is made ethically???

    What about designers who buy vintage to 'reference'? Isn't that copying and profiteering too?? Everyone in fashion 'references'.

    As Karl says: Ideas belong to everybody.

    People have a right to choose to buy FAKES.

    I might be 'fake' but at least I am not ignorant as to the inner-workings and greed in the fashion world and the vanity of people who think they are 'all that' because the have the latest bag du jour.

  6. yeah, thats what i heard, she said unlike birkin, louis vuitton is not real luxury, everything is being assembled from assembly line, is like the "mcdonalds" in the luxury world.....

  7. I totally agree with this "anonymous person". why would you want to contribute your hard-earning-dollars toward someone else's empire ship, if you are as loaded as the day is long that would be another story, however, scarfice your own health by eating baked beans everyday just for the exchange of someone else's fashion "reference" is something i will never get??/

  8. funny that people actually believe we do starve ourselves just so we can afford all these stuff. anonymous comments ain't worth the bother.

  9. To each his own:-)

    I believe in democracy of choices. But I am not a supporter of fakes. I believe in intellectual property rights:-) Designs are ideas. And if you means you are stealing the ideas from them. You would not call a painting that someone has done to be your own. Or replicate it and call it your own. It's just not the same.

    Well...happy shopping...fakes or no fakes.:-P

  10. DD, funny how people think they are so superior and better than others just because they purchase original designer goods.

    FYI, I know many very wealthy and successful people who buy fakes.

    I explain logically paragraph after paragraph outlining my argument and stating facts and backing it up with evidence, but you reply with 3 flippant sentences.

    Oh well, as they say: Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise.

    It just isn't worth having a discussion with people who think they are 'all that' and better than others...

    PS; the reason I am anon, is because I don't have a blogger account.

  11. AHAHA. love you bitches. its like we're in a courthouse! =D intense.


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