Saturday, 3 January 2009

globe trotter 70cm 'original' suitcase

through this blog, i received several lovely emails from very kind hearted individuals and i really appreciate it. part of the reason why i started this blog is so that i could meet like minded people who share the same passion and beliefs as me.

i had a few correspondences with craig, and i was so excited by his latest purchase: the 70cm globe trotter suitcase from the "original" range. i am so glad i got the chance to chat with him for he shares the same enthusiasm about travelling, and more importantly travelling in style! he sure will get heads turning with this beautiful beautiful case. at 70cm, this baby needs to be checked in, but he wasn't bothered by the luggage handlers as this is one tough case that will get better with age, and with some far off countries stickers on them. i really couldn't agree more.

from the heart stopping orange down to the unpolished brass locks, this is one suitcase i really really love. craig bought it a week before christmas, and you'll be glad to hear that it arrived safely from london to new york, in time for his festive celebrations!

"all that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost." ~ j.r.r. tolkien

i declare that orange is the new black!

we heart globe trotter!


  1. first i have to state my love clearly for you and here are some of the questions which i have been pondering to ask;
    do u like madonna?
    u asian?
    if so, u taiwanese?
    furthermore, u like leehom?
    because i do.
    u think he's gay?
    more importantly, u gay?
    we gay.
    thou love is from the beyond.
    british. love.
    u get it?
    i'm no pedo, some american slang thrown in for ya there.
    oh yah, u still with me right?
    i'm no pedo, no drunk, no malester, nothing vague.
    just love. pure love. for you and your lusts.
    oh yah, the tw film LUST?
    lust and caution?
    - M
    u like GG? Gossip girl? we love chace. yummy yummy.

  2. that is the funniest comment i've received in ages! thanks for the love ha.

    we heart chace!

  3. i plead for justice, i wrote an essay and you gave me a sentence, did not even answer any of my questions! gimme some real stuff baby!

  4. Kevin.. sssh, they are having a moment...

  5. good morning, boys! ha ha!

  6. omg, joe, you really have some hardcore stalkers. LOL

    globetrotter suitcases are lovely but Bryanboy said they are heavy. he has the blue one.

    orange is the new black, yes!

  7. globe trotter is divine! mine 82cm safari brown ages so gracefully and i put travel stickers on it. classique!

  8. oh, and the choice of orange?! fabulously adventurous!

  9. Oh wow, really, I love that case. It's amazing, timeless and modern and just generally finger waggin FIERCE! Haha. And also, I didn't know that the reason you use this blog is to communicate in which case I think I should introduce myself as a fellow fashion blogger! Holla! Name's Barron Blahnik and I am a regular on all of your sites. I love them mucho. My site is and I have the majority of you on my blogroll I believe. Love the site, love the casualness, but what is your job? Where do you get the money to afford all your gorgeous things? Love the Gucci Degas Monk Straps btw. Hardcore. <3

  10. gorgeous!! How I love vintage trunks... I pine for one :-)

  11. I second barronblahnik's question! What is your job that affords you all this constant acquisition of fabulous stuff?? Or are you independantly wealthy?

  12. that is an absolutely stunning piece! i want it!

  13. we could grow up together : 82cm?! size matters definitely...

    barron/estelle: i guess i work hard for a living, just like everyone else heh

    happy weekend to all :)

  14. That's one amazing find. It's so gorgeous that I wouldn't even use it as luggage as I'd be afraid that careless airports like Heathrow would lose track of it.

    It would definitely solely be used as hand luggage or on journeys where it's within arm's reach.

  15. yea i've been thinking for the longest time to get a small hand carry case. and i agree heathrow has a bad track record!

  16. I agree, great case :P

    One point insurance and stead fastness when it comes to damage. Push the airlines into compensation.

    Hopefully I wont have to go through that with my nice suitcase though.

    I think it looks better on photos than in person. No, wait, I lie.

    Seriously though, its very nice but rather difficult to drag along when full on the wheels. Rather I hope to carry less in future and be able to carry by the 'main' handle. Either that or I need some car transportation from airport to final destination. Now what's the name of that hotel in Hong Kong that offers complimentary Bentley car and chauffeur from the airport.... ;)

  17. yea i heard it is rather heavy when full, hence i am considering the smaller sizes. and complimentary bentley?! i'll save the money for the hotel for... another globe trotter!

  18. When empty I don't thin its heavy! It's just that when full it will weigh around 23kg ;)

  19. I am OBSESSED with Globe Trotter. I write about them on my blog too. And this bag is gorgeous!

  20. Great picture I like very much


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