Tuesday, 27 January 2009

happy birthday to mymanybags.blogspot.com

happy blogday to fellow blogger, from my many bags to his many many bags!


  1. That's so sweet Joe. If you ever feel generous and want to give away the Tobago Keepall, drop me an email ok?

  2. with all those countdown going on his blog i knew something was amiss and i guessed right ha! i gathered all my bags for a impromptu photoshoot on sunday!

    the tobago keepall still hasn't seen the light of day. along with my new shoes they can be best museum piece buddies :s

  3. Lovely pic by the way... also loving your Balen and DVN.

  4. Awwww...I am so touched. U did the shot just for my 'blog' day?:-P

    Thanks so much Joe. My blog just got more happy today:-)

    ANd from my many many bags to your many many bags... they say thank you to them and hope to meet them in person one day. OOopps...I need a container to ship them over to London for a 'face to face' meeting...Yikes!

    Oh Joe, I am eyeing on that DVN ostrich bag plus Bbag if you ever decide to do what BB suggested. My 'bag' foster home and my 'little ones' will welcome the 2 new members:-P



    Gong Xi Fa Cai!



  5. we might have to fight to the death for that Tobago Keepall Alvin =P

    i would LOVE to see a group photo of everyone's bag collection. im sure it would knock my socks out.

  6. BB and DD, if it's a matter of that Tobago Keepall, I come with a katana. Hai-ya!

    Lovin' all your bags. That Jige is niiice.

  7. *bitch slaps* FM. play fair.

  8. nothing's fair in warfare, dd.

  9. Hi DD,

    I am sure all of us HONEST folks who posted on this thread will have no problems doing a group pic of what bags we TRULY have in our possession:-P

    And yes, Tobago keepall seems to be as hot as it's colour!:-P 'Bag' fight...hmmm...interesting:-P

  10. All of you get back in line. I called it first! Hahaha!

  11. Who will emerge the 'winner'?...stay tuned:-P

  12. For those fighting over the tobago. Spotted yesterday: red tobago carryall. New Bond Street store. London.

  13. wow i am surprised, they still have the carryall from spring 2006? i last saw the red carryall at selfridges last year, might be the same one then.

    very strange...

  14. Yes possible. They also had a blue carryall in Birmingham (as of about a month ago), which has slowly been making its way around Europe waiting to be sold.
    The carryall was beautiful but just to small for use as a weekend bag and the wrong shape for carrying a macbook. So I left empty-handed.
    Come to think of it, they also had a yellow keepall at bond street (I want a red or blue one). The smaller store they have at the moment is god awful - they have a better men's department in Manchester.

  15. that temp store is too crowded at times, there's no luxury feel to it. renovation works across the street will only complete in 2010, and will be a maison (they will stock all vuitton products much like the flagship in paris).

    they have the orange/yellow tobago keepall??! i really like that.

    very strange this tobago thing.

    sloane street has menswear, abeit a much edited selection...

  16. Yes it is crowded and so a long wait to find an SA, however when an SA finally approached me he was absolutely amazing. Often when you turn down buying an item you get a snotty response (if you have never bought of the SA before), however he showed amazing manners, and actually agreed with me the reasons why I shouldn't buy the carryall.
    Go get yourself down there if you want the keepall, though I didn't see it he assured me they had one.
    Sloane Street is much quieter yes but again service is slow - I fell in love with the sprouse-esq trainers though have absolutely no reason for them!
    Very much looking forward to Bond St reopening with the full collection too!


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