Thursday, 22 January 2009

kanye west for/at louis vuitton fall winter menswear 2009/2010 show

while the world is focused on the OOO00o00 so delectable embossed keepalls from the louis vuitton fall winter 2009/2010 show, kanye west creates quite a stir on the sidewalks, looking very color coordinated and previewing yet another pair of his "kanye west for louis vuitton" sneakers, which is due to arrive in shops in june.

loving the red sneakers, the red scarf and even the red tag on the much coveted monogramouflage keepall. 00o00 very nice.

alumni of the monogramouflage keepall clan includes:
- john mayer
- kobe bryant
- chris brown

will one of the alumnus hook me up with one already!



  1. I dun like Kayne West's style. But the keepall is nice:-P

  2. i love kanye's style, he's rather cool i think. and that keepall is TDF. i still like it a lot

  3. his style is ok. its his super ego that turns me off.

  4. i am planning to get a Keepall Graffti next month when it comes out. Any recommondation on which colour i should get?

  5. jacky: i am lusting after the orange. but the fuchsia is hot, if you can carry off i think that bag's cool

  6. I appreciate Kayne West's style but can't stand that guy. The arrogance is just over the top.

  7. He's stylin' and looking good, but those shoes. just read tennis shoes. boring. but then I hate lux designer sneakers in general... leave sneakers to the companies that do it well and are a little closer to the street.


what's he wearing?