Monday, 5 January 2009

louis vuitton men's spring summer 2009 messenger bag

the ever fabulous bagaholicboy sent me some drool worthy pics from the upcoming vuitton men's spring summer 2009 collection. i love love love the clean understated lines, from rtw to accessories, this collection is so floating my boat. however prices doesn't come cheap. the suede sac sport from the same collection retails for about GBP1,400, so i think the above messenger's pricing will not be far off. there are also several other tote and shopper bags from this collection, but i think my quest for the perfect manbag for work might just end soon with the above messenger.

someone once wrote "luxury is to be whispered, not shouted". she who wrote that against previous vuitton's collection should be silenced by paul helbers' latest efforts. (for the uninitiated: paul helbers is the menswear designer at vuitton. i feel he should get more credit than he deserves.)

here's a tussled hair, chiseled jaw and rose bud lipped specimen brooding down the runway with the cream colored messenger at the spring summer 2009 show. my favourite is still the taupe version (top pic):

click picture above for a HQ version.

the million dollar question is: should i forsake the graffiti keepall and put that towards the messenger fund?



  1. I think perhaps, forgoing the keepall, since you already own a few luggages and get this bag which could have more use day to day will make more $sense$:-P

    and you look even more suave in your work attire with these understated bags:-P

    No orange....but taupe. Less baked beans:-P

  2. OMG! No way should you risk not buying the graffiti holdall! No no no. The stephen sprouse collection is my absolute favourite of Louis Vuitton in the last year I think. If I were you, I'd get the graffiti holdall and then another messenger bag at a lower price that can still be just as gorgeous. But then again, I'm not your Gok Wan. Or maybe I could be :P but no, this is an amazing bag and it's gorgeous in slate and white but the graffiti holdall DEFINITELY takes the cookie k?

    kthxbi x

  3. nooooooo!!!! its a limited edition run!! you'll regret it if you dont get the new sprouse keepall...and even if you only use it a few times it will at least keep its value and maybe even gain value over time..definitely the sprouse keepall!!!!


    I thought you might like this image taken by Miles Aldridge. If you look in the cart, it's full of baked beans and the woman is clad in, what I believe to be, a Dolce & Gabbana dress from a few seasons back. (Correct me if I'm wrong.) But I'm betting she's on that baked beans diet to afford all that la mer creme and etc that she thrives in ;)

  5. Good god this is giving me the disturbia again.

  6. i've got my eye on this messenger too. wanted the manSpeedy at first but realized i don't need another large hand-held bag. but im still completely focused on Graffiti at the moment to really give much thought on the men's Spring'09 bags. besides, i was told these leather bags are in the $4000 region already so i doubt these will be flying off the shelves. Graffiti has a much more limited run and much more fun to have. go Graffiti!!!!

  7. i agree with freshmess: DISTURBIA!

    when are the s/s bags arriving in stores anyway? i guess march? so we can get graffiti next week, and starve and shun social life for 2 months to get the s/s09 bags. totally do-able.


  8. Good god, in the $4,000 region?! Ok, I'm not holding out my soon-to-get bag. The prices of these ones are insanely disturbing.

    Disturbia, yeah.

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  10. Get the Sprouse graffiti keepall first... then the messenger... the graffiti will be arriving in Jan as expected... and as always in-between, there will be a sale for the cruise collection before the SS09 arrives... so i guess you have ample time to save up to get the messenger... *good luck*

  11. it's crazy how suddendly the prices in the UK seem to be so cheap for mainland europeans like me lol.

    i hope the GBP stays the way it is.

  12. I almost fell off the couch when I read your sidebar. Why I might have to sell my grandma...
    Hahaha, you are too funny!

  13. Joseph always hits the jackpot with his humour! Way to go:-) Hahahaha. Grandma selling or not, we are 'doomed' to a life of forever attracted to bags and baked beans. Hehe.

  14. Definitely the kind of bag that will render any man (or woman) speechless. Its simplicity and attention to detail speaks volumes.


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