Monday, 19 January 2009

louis vuitton tribute to stephen sprouse 2009

here are some pics from the stephen sprouse 2009 tribute collection installation from the soho party held last week:

the roses collection is already in stores. the graffiti range will be launched in london on february 2nd. my ultimate wishlist is the keepall, priced at £895 it comes in 3 colors: fuchsia, neon green and orange. first thought blue was another option, but it was actually part of the 2001 original collection which never actually made it to the shop floor. all the more TDF!

since collection is launched on a monday, i can't really take time off work to go have a look see. but i did express a dire interest in the keepall, and SA said no waitlist allowed but she'll do all she can. but to be honest i feel it is all hyped up. i still see the monogramouflage keepall in the shops 2 months after the july launch. but then again keepalls aren't really small accessories which will fly off the shelves, and not many as crazy like me into their luggages and weekend bags!

oh the joys the thrills! two more weeks then!

trivia pursuit: on the 2001 collection, the word "keepall" is silk screened together with "louis vuitton paris" on the bags. however i don't see the word "keepall" on the 2009 versions. well not from preview pics i've seen so far. guess i will find out when i see the bags in person.

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  1. I heard through the grapevine that you might be gearing for a grand graffiti purchase. The Keepall's looking really nice. Good luck with the hunt!

  2. Joe is getting the Keepall! Joe is getting the Keepall!

  3. never listen to rumeurs. word from the street is that he is bankrupt t00o00...

  4. Oh Joe is the deed done yet? You know, the other thing...

  5. Joe, you are a 'survivor', nothing that baked beans cannot remedy:-)

    And I thought you had some store credits to use:-) SO the keepall will be a great choice!

  6. alvin: yes deed done, will email you when i get home tonight. i have no access to gmail at work...

  7. the Monogramouflage Keepall took the longest to disappear from the shelves here too. prob because guys had the Treillis as another option. the Keepall is the only bag that's pretty much unisex from the new Graffiti Collection, so double the demand. and orange seems to be the most popular too. so i wouldn't assume it won't go fast. better safe than sorry.

  8. The graffiti keepall 50 cost MYR6800 in Malaysia, equal to GBP1283 equal to SGD2833, equal to EUR1581

  9. dd: do you know anything about the part where "keepall" is emblazoned on 2001 edition but not 2009's?

    anon: thanks for prices, the weak GBP is indeed making it attractive for tourists. i see a price increase in UK soon then...

  10. the 2001 version is by Stepen Sprouse, which the name of the bag is also in the Graffiti. you will notice this on the '01 Speedy and '01 Pochette too.

    the 2009 version is by Marc Jacobs. besides the fluoro colours, to distinguish it from Sprouse's he didn't include the names and the handwriting is different as well.

    so its not actually an exact rehash, but a tribute.


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