Saturday, 10 January 2009

out & about - baby it's VERY cold outside edition

the day in pictures:

the day in words:

lunch at zizzis, haircut at toni & guys and i am looking four years younger, vuitton new bond street graffiti enquiries: feb 2nd graffiti launch keepall £895 fushia lime orange but no blue from soho launch party, hop scotch to knightsbridge, saw colleague outside harvey nichols and he's going to the gym (my, he lives in that area?!), nipped to harrods in the freezing cold in my burberry prorsum cardigan, gap organic tee, paul smith scarf, cheap monday denims, paul smith suede clapton shoes, marc jacobs 'specials' hand painted belt, burberry prorsum coat and if you come closer i smell of gucci pour homme .

then it's mayhem and madness and fitting room queuing at harrods and a heavily reduced bag (76.28128% to be exact) which they happened to find at the back of the warehouse (wtf?!).

oh my first purchase in 2009, from a fashion house i so worship. happy weekend peeps :)


  1. =(. just want some freedom. with no hw. did u even g2 school?!?!?! u dont know how it feels.

  2. wow,,,the cardigan!!


    din gt reply from burberry already,,

    no chance to buy it :-(

    decide to come here everyday drools at your cardigan :-(

  3. I seriously love your coat!

  4. M: you'll get your break when school finishes. gosh i'm a dinosaur

    alan: am sure your can get similar cardigans around. keep searching!

    bengt: thanks for the lvoe! btw do you know why there was a blue graffiti keepall at the soho lauch party? was it a special item just for NY?

  5. CFO BBBC,

    Lovely coat:-) Gorgeous cardigan and it must have been a superb shopping saturday for you:-) And I am not not trying to suck up to the CFO so that I can get unlimited extension to baked beans eating.

    Hahaha. Happy Loot day at Harrods. Show us! Show us the bag!

    And I agree with Bengt, the outer coat simply divine on you!

  6. very kind words kev, thank you :D i love the coat!

    no more shopping. next saturday i will... go to my friend's place for dinner (i will coerce them to cook so i can save money)

  7. Love the Prorsum coat! You look very sharp.

  8. too sad to miss the cardigan :-(

    any other recommend brand to have this similar style of cardigan?

    it is so gorgeous !


  9. wow...i m really envious u guys can still keep buying things...haha

    my company just released a bad news...i was depressed.

    who knows what will happen tomo...

    console me pls....hehehhe

  10. p76: live & let live! things will work out in the long run, hang in there

    uclaboi: thanks :)

    alan: i'll keep a lookout :)

  11. you bought a bag again?

    should I call you "Kevin"? LOL

    can't wait to see what's inside that paperbag.

  12. oh dear, call me kevin if i buy... 20 bags in a year?

    i love that bag!

  13. thanks a lot !

    by the way,

    please do post some entries about cardigan if you found they are drool worthy!


    i found a few in some online store but sadly they dont ships to singapore :-(

  14. I am really like your attire and your blog,but specifically the shoes keep throwing me off the outfits seem cool but shoes are just like um ?

  15. hmm you're not feeling the shoes then?

  16. This coat is unbelievable...
    This season...?

  17. anon: thanks :) the coat is actually from 2 seasons ago...

  18. i like the random can of beans & the cuff of your cardi peeking through (2ndpic)its all in the details.


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