Monday, 26 January 2009

out & about - 'why is there engineering works on the jubilee line train service for 4 weeks in a row' edition

i needed to run some errands in town, and this tube engineering works isn't helping. four weeks in a row now, are we sure this is not some sort of cost cutting exercise disguised as "station closures due to engineering works"? hop scotched around town in my merino wool sweater from h&m, cheap monday black denims, paul smith "i have many pairs of shoes but i always find that i have nothing to wear" sneakers and smelling of helmut lang eau de cologne.

channeling my inner lumberjack/ryan gosling, i got this wool shirt/jacket from zara. i need some colors in my life, and the padded sleeves make my arms look bigger which is a good thing!

also bought a pair of green corduroy trousers from COS (sibling company to h&m, selling supposely higher quality and more stylish less fashionable pieces. ie: classics), reduced by 70%. don't we love sales. don't we love colors.

and R from lavin sneakers fame, tipped me off about a special hermes sale happening over the weekend, and i couldn't resist! i got a pair of boots, at 60% off! i am most pleased!! thanks R!

and in a bid to stay off the shops, i've made lunch and dinner plans for next saturday. happy days!


  1. Hermes on sale... the great equalizer.

  2. 'i have many pairs of shoes but i always find that i have nothing to wear" sneakers ...'

    totally agree. i also like that...dunno why.....

  3. dd: would you believe, there will be engineering works again this weekend! i am going to find another equalizer...

    p76: we need more shoes...

  4. one can never have too many shoes. lovin' the jeans.

  5. Same here, I always wear those same pair of shoes. I dunno why.

    ANd Hermes on sale?!?>!

    I wanna be in London now!

  6. like changing bags, it also feels too much effort to change shoes. at least that's how I feel, so I keep my shoes and bags to a minimum.

  7. jesus, hermes boots! you are a dream!

  8. freshmess: is that imelda speak?? :D

    kev: hold your horses, hermes sale is over now! only for 2 days!

    allan: so true. i keep using the same bag and wear the same shoes! i have a huge museum collection.

    dr debonaire: *wink*

  9. With butterfly sleeves flying off my tongue, yes, imelda speak indeed. :D


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