Sunday, 11 January 2009


saw this link to creating polariod-effects pictures, and i am loving it. i have 2 polariod cameras, "the button" and "sx-70", both uses sx-70 film which is so very expensive, and now defunct anyway.

you might see a lot of polaroid effect pics to come!


  1. Hey tom tom, oh btw thats the name me and my crew made it up for u, figured u will be suitable for the name of tom( since i dont really know what ur real name is).
    there were times that i believe that balenciaga only makes pretty descent bags, but lately i have discovered the menswear from balenciaga...........they're beyond the level of fierce!! i swear they was a tiny drop of pee came out while i was browsing their work last time at holt refrew.

  2. Oh my god thanks for sharing the Poladroid link! I've been trying on Photoshop how to make this Polaroid effect with photos but I never get the exact look right.

    Oh my god again. Can't wait to see which Balenciaga you got. Must be gorgeous!

  3. that polaroid thing is great i am loving it. i think my blog will get polaroid overload!

    gotta thank se@n for the link!

  4. Balenciaga! WE heart Balenciaga!...Reveal! Reveal!:-P

  5. cool link!

    now on with the bag.... im sure it'll be a stunner and at an amazing price.

    warning, Balenciaga can be just as addictive. i've had a brief fling in the past and i still love 'em.

  6. You can mod both to use Polaroid 600 film.
    the button is easier to change, I'll find the guide if you're interested.

    SX-70 is a bit trickier but still possible.

    But then 600 film is still pretty scarce these days.

  7. Your welcome !!!
    You got the best of both world here, BALENCIAGA and Polaroid.

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