Wednesday, 28 January 2009

sneaker pimps

sneakers, trainers, however we call it, they are still the most comfortable and stylish get ups for lazy days. below are some of my favourite sneakers, not ridiculously expensive yet stylish and relevant for today. plain and simple is the key. for some reason they are all out of my size!

common projects leather hi tops, £169 / it's rather difficult to find common projects shoes online, and i really like this pair of hi tops. loving the gold stamping of the serial numbers at the back which makes a simple pair of shoes unique.

raf by raf simons leather hi tops, £169 / these remind me of the pierre hardy sneakers, but way more affordable and equally stylish.

jil sander suede and leather sneaker, was £179, now £90! i love this pair! velcro is all the rage these days, and this looks so comfy and stylish. oh someone grab it please!

all shoes from they ship internationally, and with the record low GBP exchange rate, it's no excuse! come save the UK economy!



  1. oh nice! and yes i got the raf by raf pairs locally here. ther are simple yet gorgeous!


  2. Not my steez.

    Those raf sneakers are shit quality :/

  3. yes benjamin! u r right. raf by raf sneakers r not really of gd quality.
    so cannot wear and tear too often. but it'ok 4me coz the time i wear them it's like a 3-4mths cycle :)

  4. Those Raf Simons hi topsen is sooo uncomfortable... Tried them on 70% sale, didnt buy them.. my feet hurts only by trying them..
    I bought Neil Barret hi tips instead. Much better :)

  5. hmm quite a few said the raf simons ones were uncomfortable, good to know

    i love neil barrett shoes!


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