Wednesday, 11 February 2009

00o00's first giveaway - Burberry The Beat for men!

we have an exciting giveaway for you, courtesy of the very kind people at burberry! burberry's new fragrance "burberry the beat for men" will be launched in march 2009, but right now we are giving away a bottle of their brand new fragrance to one lucky reader. competition is open to all!

burberry wanted to create a fragrance that expressed disheveled elegance - an unforced look, style and attitude that is young, modern, masculine and dynamic. articulating the creativity, positivity, energy and open-minded, individualistic, effortless approach of The Beat man. to read more about the concept and behind the scenes footage of the campaign, check out facebook, myspace, bebo.

for your chance to win, please answer the following question: who is the current creative director of the house of burberry?
(a) agyness deyn
(b) bianca balti
(c) christopher bailey

email the correct answer with subject line "burberry the beat" to (since you're emailing already might as well pen me some random musings). competition is open to all, and closes on 17th february 2009 23:59hrs GMT! a winner will be chosen at random and burberry will then ship the very cool fragrance to you!

erm it will be embarassing if no one enters, so all start emailing ok! tell your brothers and sisters and lovers and husbands and buddies to join! good luck!

many thanks to the very kind people at burberry the beat.


  1. There, I just emailed you my entry. Now pick me! Pretty please =D I love freebies.

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  3. trange. It is already sold every where in New York now

  4. bb: yes you can join, all is welcomed and burberry will ship the fragrance anywhere!

  5. amazing. you have sponsorship now.

    I'm so happy for you, Joe.

  6. i was about to mention the sponsorship thing. woohoo! you're on your way to stardom joe! don't forget us. :p

  7. Congrats!:-P

    And I will send my entry soon!:-P


  8. allan / fm: hehe am very happy, first time ever!

  9. Oh god, I may already late ('_')

  10. bbsinatra: never too late! entries close 17th feb :)


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