Saturday, 28 February 2009

arbitrage in europe?

justin: my family and I are taking a short trip to london and paris in a few weeks, and we hope to do major damage there! i was hoping you would know whether the stuff from the likes of Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, Chanel and Miu Miu is cheaper in London or in Paris. keep up the fantastic blogging!

justin, thanks for the comment and lovely email! from my experience, prices between london and paris are not significantly different. especially for big fashion houses, they usually adjust their prices several times a year to reflect exchange rates movement. for example: the classic louis vuitton keepall 55 retails for GBP555 in London, and EUR640 in Paris, which at today's rates equates GBP568. granted that mere mortals rarely get exchange rates like that of the FX market, price differences between london and paris is really insignificant.

new york however is a different story. the keepall retails for USD1,010 which equates GBP703 in today's rates, which is a lot more than what you will pay in london at GBP555.

conclusion: doesn't really matter if you splurge in london or paris, prices are largely the same. i would however encourage you to spend in london, come boost the ailing economy! happy shopping, and let me know what you bought and from where!

p/s: also reader sd sent in a tip to say that with code "MySpacefashion", one can get 15% off their purchases at oak, nyc. they stock a whole slew of labels, phillip lim, jeremy scott etc. happy shopping!


  1. i was looking through a James Bond book and one of the luggages that bond carried was the 2nd LV.

    i dont know why in the US we get a 200-300 dollar markup. i was looking at prices differences because im itching for some dior homme on luisa vs eluxury, im shocked its less for me to order it from italy than it is from my own country! but i feel like i should pay the markup to aid my own crap economy.

  2. the second bag is the steamer bag, one of the first bags to be released if i am correct, and originally intended to store soiled clothes for sailors, and the handles are made that way so it can be hung from hooks or door nobs.

    come buy in london and boost our economy!

  3. Yes, you are correct. The Steamer Bag was one of the first bags to be released. It is one of my favorite designs of all time, it and the Cruiser 45 are staples in my travel ensemble.

  4. better to shop at paris.. they ave this 10% tourists rebates. i never shop anywhere else, always paris. & you save a lot more!!


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