Thursday, 5 February 2009

bottega veneta men's spring summer 2009

if i am to get the vuitton marine bleu naxos messenger, i might as well think about what other stuff i can get with that budget. i could get the orange graffiti keepall which i lust, and/or one or more of the following from bottega veneta's spring summer collection:

burnt orange intrecciato brief (left), Eur1,380 and crimson intrecciato nappa brief, Eur1,550 (right). absolutely stunning. the stuffy men's brief is updated in the most gorgeous and stylish hue of red and orange (burnt, no less!), making it ever so relevant and covetable. i love classics, and these are epic series.

thing is, if i do get this, i will look better than my boss, and i will risk not getting a bonus and payrise. (not that i will anyway in current market conditions. best manage my expectations!)

the intrecciato duffel in a beautiful hue of cobalt blue, Eur2,100. probably my least likely choice considering i am still pondering over the vuitton graffiti keepall and i have 87984 travel bags. but still drool worthy nonetheless. and for the price of the vuitton naxos messenger, this is what you can get at bottega veneta.

i so need to have this, the silk vichy tie, Eur120. must Have MUST HAVE!!

i think deck shoes are all the rage for this summer, and i am madly in lust with the tri colored barcelona shoe at Eur390. but i probably would not fork out that amount for a pair of shoes.. yet.

the ash coated sardegna canvas vachette duffel was my original first choice for a bag from the entire spring summer collection. however at Eur1,350, it seems rather pricey for a canvas bag, coated or not. but i am madly in love with the muted grey.

you ready for the bombshell? the above ash coated sardegna canvas vachette tote retails for Eur520 for the bigger sized and Eur480 for the smaller. exactly the same material and coating as per the duffel above, but the tote is about half the price. i am so running to bottega veneta this weekend! so so running!

bottega veneta embodies everything it is about luxury, whispered and not shouted. i got my heart set on the vuitton naxos messenger, but now bottega veneta weaves into the picture.

these are the things i dream about on the way to work.
this is the life of a tortured and tormented number cruncher.
hmm ponder p00o00nder

p/s: & oh, this would perhaps not mean anything to you, but at some point today my blog would probably have it's 100,000th visitor! small as compared to most, but still a milestone for me!

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  1. the bags are to die for!

  2. the woven briefcase! I dream of carrying that clutch-style! hahaha!

  3. the red briefcase is marvellous, my mind got stuck on it when i saw the catalogue online on the BV website.

    definitely BV imo. I have heard that the leather is purchased from a company that only has another customer, Hermes. (someone from purseblog said it) And for the quality in the materials and workmanship, the money would be well spent on the bag/briefcase.

  4. i am liking bv at the moment, really liking the brief but i feel it might be too "executive" for me

    the canvas tote is ok, and it's just that, ok.


  5. I love both BV and LV. But I would def. go w/ a Bottega leather briefcase or bag before LV. Bottega's leather are far superior than LV's. You know you'll look HOT w/ that burnt orange briefcase! :)

  6. uclaboi: that burnt orange brief not too much? i rather like the red version, but i am still on the fence somehow. ponder ponder

  7. i love the deck shoes, especially the white and the blue so perfect.

    i think id like to see the bottega brief but in the cobalt. that would be nice.

  8. i saw the shoes today, they were drool worthy
    the brief is to die for really


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