Thursday, 12 February 2009

bottega veneta spring summer 2009 ash coated sardegna canvas vachette tote

last saturday was something of a madness, which rarely happens really. besides the louis vuitton graffiti keepall, i also bought the bottega veneta ash coated sardegna canvas vachette tote. the sardegna canvas bags are reworked every season, and to be honest is one of the best entry level bags from bottega veneta. i've always wanted one, and when i saw the pics from this season's catalogue, i knew i had to get it:

the bag is painted a masculine shade of steel grey, with luscious honey brown leather handles that will age beautifully over time.

like most of their sardegna totes, the sides feature snap buttons, which is a practical feature. i believe sardegna means sardinia in italian, which is the source of the cotton used for the tote.

the tote is simple in design, so attention to details would be key. their stitching is flawless. someone left me a message saying that bottega veneta sources their leather from the same source as hermes. true?

the leather handles go all the way round the bottom. it's amazingly lightweight, i foresee using it for work and also for weekends. SA mentioned that the canvas is waterproof too. i wouldn't test it, considering it's an open tote with no top zipper!

the bag is lined in their signature maroon/brownish cotton, and comes with an internal zipper.

perfect for me. it's a timeless piece of accessory and i see myself using it often.

a similar version appeared on the spring summer 2009 runway show. the duffel is made of the same material, but costs more than twice what the tote is going for. the canvas duffel retails for around the same price as their signature leather woven intrecciato bags.

bliss. my first foray into bottega veneta. if you are keen on this bag i suggest getting it soon as the sardegna range always sells out quick. (hence my saturday madness!)

& 2 more frivolous shopping reveals coming up!

and oh, have you entered my blog's competition to win a free bottle of burberry the beat for men? hurry competition closes on 17th feb 09!


  1. sir! how could u!! this is very disturbing..cant sleep looking at ur shopping spree..++my jet lag..

  2. "someone left me a message saying that bottega veneta sources their leather from the same source as hermes. true?"

    not all, but some, especially the soft ones they use for leather jackets (excluding exotics). the name is Seraphin, if I'm not mistaken.

  3. oh, I forgot to say that your bag is nice. :-)

  4. You're on a roll, joe. Another great purchase. :) I love the color.

  5. This, that and those bag.

    I love the size, not so big not so small except for the side buttons.

    you and mark are making me drool.

  6. you keep buying yet you want more! you have a bag addiction :D

  7. call the police, this man is shophacolic!

  8. With all due respect to all you offical metro's... the words masculine, and bag in the same sentence is really stretching it wee bit.

    BTW, my gym bag has more pizzazz than that bag.

    Mark in LA

  9. Beautiful bag, timeless, chic, and sporty too.

    I think it could make a luxe beach bag too.

    It's beautiful, i like the color combination a lot too.

  10. Like what Brieuc the shopping police! You are on a spree Joe! It's a classic elegant bag:-)

  11. Congrats! Love your new Bottega! The coated canvas is sturdy and maintenance-free. I can't wait to go to London in a week and check out all the stores!


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