Monday, 23 February 2009

chilli fries & chocolate cupcakes

pigtures from 2 weekends ago.
& give me the strength to get through the week.
i don't like politics at work.


  1. "i don't like politics at work."

    story of my life dude. monday morning and office drama is fuming.


    good luck!

  2. hihi! hoped over here from bagaholicboy's blog... am loving this bag that you have. Do you mind if you can tell me where it's from? *fingers crossed* that it's still available in stores or Singapore!

  3. meta: hello! did you mean the above bag with a heart shaped lock? my friend bought it from brick lane in london 2 weeks ago, they still have it. am not sure about singapore though, sorry!

    it's cheap and cheerful, about £30 i think :D

  4. I LOVE the blue perforated leather!!


what's he wearing?