Tuesday, 10 February 2009

freshmess & his louis vuitton spring summer 2009 men's naxos cabas

let's take a moment and admire freshmess's latest indulge: louis vuitton spring summer 2009 men's naxos cabas. to say i am in lust and slightly jealous is a mild understatement:

i saw the cabas up close last weekend and the leather is really really soft. whatever they moisturise the bags with, i want some! totally drool worthy, check out more pics here. looking good mark!



  1. don't you just want to hate him? sow!


  2. OMG - I am dying right now... what I would do for his bag!!

    Cheers from Seattle,
    Emerald Dandy

  3. Only love, dd, only love. Haha!

    Wow, thanks for the space in your gorgeous blog joe. I'm not worthy! :p

  4. fm: just drop the bag and walk away from it and all will be fine. just drop it in my mail box...

  5. hahaha, no can't do. :p

  6. i am just wondering, the bag certainly looked nice on the runway but to actually use it for a guy, isn't it just kind of shouting "i am gay"?

    the same applies to your "2006 tobago keepall" and "stephen sprouse tribute orange thing". i think they are just too loud for a straight guy or a closeted gay.

    sorry, just my 2 cents.



what's he wearing?