Monday, 9 February 2009

the future's bright, the future's orange

the future's bright, the future's orange with LOUIS VUITTON orange graffiti keepall, HERMES piccadilly boots, HERMES notebook, VIVIENNE WESTWOOD napa leather gloves with orange felt, VIVIENNE WESTWOOD wool roll neck sweater, BOTTEGA VENETA vichy amethyst silk tie, COS forest green corduroy trousers, smelling of HERMES concentre d'orange and featuring kenny from SOUTHPARK. coincidentally, my mobile network is also ORANGE.

all is full of love.


  1. I am SO jealous!! Such a great collection!!

    Cheers from Seattle,
    Emerald Dandy

  2. love it, joe.

    so. are you going to bring that bag to the office? :-)

  3. lol, Kenny? for real?

    personally, i'm waiting for the Neverfulls to hit the shops (march.... long long wait). the green is so enticing.

  4. Love this set of photos. So editorial!

  5. a. nathaniel / emerald dandy: thanks :D

    allan: thank you! i think i will bring it in once in a while, got to use it to make it worthwhile

    kiks: OOoo neverfull, i think its going to be popular, get in there quick

    fm: thanks :) i am madly in love with your cabas. MADLY!

  6. i know its supposed to be all about the bag, but the 1st thing i zero in on every time is THE GLOVES.

    with the gloves, the orange sole, and the pose, it reminds me of an assassin, a very well dressed assassin, the kind of assassin sent out to get bond, james bond.
    (which is my way of saying, you look AMAZING.)

    ps are you surrrrre you dont want to get the orange tie? u seem to like the orange... ;)

  7. I'm so jealous that you get to take one home already. I still have to wait 'till next week for mine and I'm already having the shakes.

  8. -h: i am out to get bond, new bond street in london :D

    am keeping the tie, i like it as it is :)

    dd: s00o00n! what color you getting? are we the evil twins again? :D
    p/s: fm's cabas is making my knees go very weak...

  9. lovely sea of oranges!

    Congrats..the keepall looks fab!


  10. thanks kev! enjoy your indulgent spa break!

  11. evil twins I'm afraid.

  12. bb: sooooon!

    dd: are you in melbourne? hope the situation there doesn't affect you

  13. yes I'm back in Melbourne. but I live in the city so I'm alright. my prayers go to those who lost their loved ones and homes. I can't help but get choked up whenever I see it on the news.

    bb: 6 more sleeps for us!!!

  14. Yes Mr Duck, 6 more! And it so happens that the 16th is also my big day. Double-joy!

  15. HERMES concentre d'orange, is it in the Hermessence line? they seem to smell really nice from the reviews online but i dont seem to be able to get them in sin! does the fragrance last long? i mean the entire day or something?

  16. You Didn't! You Did! All you need now is my car.

    Go 00o00!

  17. kit: not sure if it's from the hermessence line, i got a mini sample when i bought the time. it smells really citrusy and stays on for a long time. i really like it

    mr hare: i love that car! that is so my style!

  18. dude i love those shoes..
    and the gloves? SO kanye. way dope man.

  19. you are so expensive....


  20. whoa. super nice grafitti keepall! makes me want to buy it when it is released here. gosh. can i control myself? hahaha...very nice set by the way, i love orange. orange is my most fave color...loving the orange sole of your hermes too. :)

  21. Oh, its beautiful and I love the photography.....A Plus plus! Enjoy your new keepall!!

  22. I want one of the Sprouse collection bag's so badly; must buy one soon :)

    Which color though? Hmm.

    Congratulations on you're purchases :D


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