Friday, 13 February 2009

H&M x comme des garcons canvas sneakers

last saturday was madness. i also picked up a pair of H&M x comme des garcons canvas sneakers. repeat after me "one can never have too many pairs of shoes".

it was the last pair in my size, and reduced to... £10. would you walk away?

another 2 pairs from the collection. mine seems like a hybrid of the two!

we love bargains!



  1. i was surprised at how "quiet" this collection was compared to the hysteria of the previous collaborations.

    im a major advocate of blue and black together, so those shoes are good pick.
    you have such impeccable taste, im so addicted to your blog.

  2. Oooo, I thought these were ALL GONE! Were they still in the store??
    Amazing! Leave it to you to find them.

  3. 'one can never have too many pairs of shoes'. I agree! Please do a feature on your shoe collection!

  4. I agree. One can never have enough bags, and shoes...
    Love it!

  5. -h: it is rather quiet, i guess CDG is rather offbeat as compared to others. i see rails of shirts being discounted still

    MH: there's still stuff available! retail is indeed struggling

    ray: we need more shoes ha. every now and then i feature on my shoes yea

    bb: to quote from dd: nothing succeed like excess!

  6. while i love hi-tops, the CdGxH&M ones turned me off due to the pointy front...

  7. So can still get the comme H&M shoes:-) I want to move to London!


  8. "one can never have too many pairs of shoes". Hah! one million percent agreed! my room and closet is filled by shoeboxes and feltpouches

  9. I love H&M. Affordable fashions. The shoes you chose look great. I have the same pair.

  10. I wasn't able to get the shoes (Beverly Center sold out in less than an hour), but I snagged two shirts from the collection.


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