Monday, 2 February 2009

it's snowing!

we had a little bit of snow in london today, and everything came to a halt! there was no public transport to work, and most worked from home and ended up jamming the servers, bringing remote access to work to a painfully slow pace. so i just stayed in my pyjamas and merrily worked away with the duvet wrapped around me. and yes i am working from home, not "working from home"...

the snow around the compound...

my neighbour's mini cooper!

along the thames. it felt so serene and peaceful when i went for a walk mid afternoon.

and i got the chance to wear the bright yellow puffy jacket from gap which made me look like a lemon. i bought this eons ago, reduced to £29. i didn't know what to do with it but knew one day it will come in handy. (this applied to 90% of my wardrobe really...!)

and i got to finally wear my marc jacobs wellies! it was reduced to... £9! i didn't know what to do with it when i was in the shop, but got it because it might come in handy during floods or snow (i much prefer snow!)

ahh blissful monday.


  1. That is so unfair! Sometimes I hate California. I want snow!

  2. unbelievable how such little snow could halt the whole of london, it even made the news over here. lol.

    love your jacket - it's so bright!

  3. carl: but we're dreamin of california's sunshine now!

    fm: news must be slow, it even made it to your news there?! that jacket is so... lemony but for £29 can't complain. kept me toasty and warm!

  4. lucky u...i wanna work from home becos of snow....

    My friend who arrive in SG on Sunday told me about the's pretty

    i love your mj wellies! so cute!

  5. lovin the boots!!!

    i wish it would snow here in bumfuck manila. lol

  6. The wellies are adorable! Working from home, and not 'working from home'? Connotations aplenty...

  7. holy wow!!! send some of that cold this way please. im melting here.

  8. £9?!?!?!?!? that's like stealing!

  9. i saw those MJ boots too but we have no use for them in Singapore! enjoy the snow but stay safe.

  10. I'm envious. I want snow too.

  11. This is Bad Ass.

  12. wow your from the uk? You must be a rare stylish dude here eh!

    Please check out



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