Tuesday, 3 February 2009

louis vuitton men's naxos collection

the spring summer 2009 bags have made their way to the uk website, which means one thing: the bags are in store. two of my favourite bags from the collection are:

the cabas or shopper bag, £1,430. i guess the weak stirling makes it an attractive choice for tourists. i much prefer the way it stretches/being carried on the runway. sounds odd, but i hope the luggage tag comes with it, it makes a lot of styling difference. the cabas comes in taupe (left) or white (right) only.

but, do i need another tote bag? can i carry off the look?

possibly my favourite, the taupe colored messenger at £1,790. utterly insane pricing but somehow perfect for work. but, can i still rock a messenger past... 35?

the messenger is cotton lined and has an interior pocket. my original choice was taupe, but the close up pic of the marine version is so lush yet masculine. i really like this too. the messenger comes in taupe and marine only.

and i've also got my heart set on the graffiti keepall. this is a very expensive vuitton year! the things we ponder and get our knickers in a twist. i best work harder and smarter.

hmm decisions decisions decisions...

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  1. so what's the secret behind your blog's success? i know im new to blogging, but i'm just not getting any views

  2. i want the Cabas! So much cheaper in Uk and europe...why why why?????!?!?!??!

    Why asia have to pay more??!?!?!?! WHY WHy WHY??????

    I am going nuts now over this bag. Knickers in a twist...that's so funny. Joe, you have such a wicked sense of humour...and that jacky is the secret of his success!:-P

  3. i really like the messenger too. but with those price points, i will have to give them a miss and just wait for F/W'09. besides, the new Graffiti more than satisfy my S/S'09 LV intake.

  4. Joe, did u managed to get the graffiti keepall? Reveal for us if you have!:-P

  5. Hmm, it really is cheaper compared to SG... darn!

  6. jacky: no secrets, i think everyone starts slow as well, do it because you like it :)

    kev: weak GBP, quick come save our economy! not visited the shop yet, snowing heavily yesterday, probably this weekend if i manage to make up my mind :s

    dd: really giving it a miss? hmm lets go to the shop and have a feel...

    bb: i feel this arbitrage opportunity would not last for long. i think a price increase for london is imminent...

  7. wow, so they're out already. i want the cabas but the price is killing me.

  8. I'm not a fan of the cabas. too much like a "murse". Some men can pull it off. I'm not one of them.
    The messenger though is a different story. One of the better looking messengers I've seen in a while.
    You can definitely carry that bag off after 35. really stylish replacement for a briefcase.

  9. Not a fan of either. I'm liking the Flight Paname Takeoff, but I do wonder if the strap is long enough to wear as a crossbody messenger.

  10. Dear 00oo00,

    First time on your impressive blog. Dedication such as yours deserves kudos

  11. oh, past 35? i doubt you look a day over 25 ;)

  12. I wanna have the bag of 1790...!!


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