Friday, 6 February 2009

mini twitter twatter

for all the recessionistas in london, click on above to download a voucher which enables you to a 20% discount off one item, valid till 13th feb 2009. i'm going shopping at H&M!

mini twitter twatter:
- i've been name checked by one of my favourite sites and daily reads, the formidable "redcarpet fashionawards"!

- i've been described as "unbelievably weird", alongside 2 other fashionable buddies on my blogroll on jorge's rants! weird because we buy runway pieces! i take it as good "weird"!

happy weekends!



  1. My dear OOoooOO,
    If they are calling you wierd, take it as the HIGHEST compliment :) Your taste is exquisite.
    I love the shout out you gave The Recessionista and the coupon.
    The cheap and cheerful is shinning through the couture.
    To my not wierd at t'all blogger friend!
    The Recessiomista

  2. i like the sentence "the cheap and cheerful is shinning through the couture." you coin the best phrases!


  3. haha! i meant that in a goodway! lol im hoping to be 'weird' too in the future! cheers :)

    p.s. im an instant fan already! :P


  4. ps, im reading the stuff on the side, "why i may have to sell my grandma" you crack me up!!!


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