Monday, 23 February 2009

mr hare's "purest form" fall winter 2009 men's shoe collection

mr hare is one of the most exciting shoe makers to have emerged from london. his debut collection "the purest form" will be launched soon in the coming months, and online style emporium will be stocking pieces from the collection. here are sneak peaks of his debut collection, which i honestly really really like!

this is easily my favourite, it ticks everything in my box. the elongated front makes the feet looks much more flattering than say square tips or very pointy shoes. the color looks delicious, a cross between slight purple and grey?

brown oxfords with patent toecaps??! after seeing neil barrett's and burberry's, this must be a trend to stay. i like!

this is just to die for. i am loving the cream canvas against the rugged brown leather. if the soles were thinner like the first pair, i would have thought this came from hermes. but i still like it no less.

.: click on above pics for larger pics :.

if i may say, these are absolutely stunning for a debut collection. i await this collection with bated breath! visit mr hare's blog for more information.



  1. i would love to own the first and the last pair
    they are beautiful
    i wonder how they feel!

  2. The last pair, definitely the last pair for me...

  3. international shipping available? i dig the boots! would love to parade it in the office!

  4. s_d: i bet they feel as good as it looks!

    bb: i love the last pair too it simply exquisite!

    kit: it will be on sale at oki-ni soon, and they ship worldwide. the boots are amazing!!

  5. This is the best shoe collection I've seen in ages!
    We did a great little interview with Mr Hare earlier this week...well worth a look if you are interested in him.

  6. just found your blog today and love it! i would kill for those leather and canvas boots!


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