Saturday, 14 February 2009

mustard and moss

where can i find phillip lim bags in london?!

thanks to reader tt, i now can't get the bags out of my head!
anyhoo, happy weekends :)



  1. i like the green one,nice color!

  2. Yup Johnny is cute! Can unzip him all day long!

  3. I really like Kanvas - but am torn between saving up for the Gucci Medium tote in brown and the BV Sardegna tote....argh choices! Choices!

    Why can't you fabulous guys all live down the hall from me and be my best buddies - we could then have a new version of Three's Company :O).....but any case, thank goodness I have eLuxury - I just hope that when the site get phased out in Spring 2009, they have a massive sale and I can get the bag for cheap.

  4. Me too... hahaha, I LVoe (as Mark would say it) the green "Kanvas".

  5. I've got a navy blue "Kanvas" in HongKong. it's absolutely a nice tote. ^^


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