Sunday, 15 February 2009

out & about - edition 'fate'

it was a wild night on friday & i stumbled out at 8am, throbbing headache, free coffee mug at mcdonalds, slightly wasted but too wasteful to sleep the glorious saturday away. i harbored lingering thoughts like that of a schoolboi on the morning after the night before. i hope fate will bang us together again.

grabbed my friday work bag and wandered around bricklane in the afternoon. rummaged at vintage kookiness rokit which apparently is one of kate moss's regular haunt , & coffeed at luncheonette, which is an amazing eatery/bowling alley, which apparently koss moss was in the house two hours before. we just ain't fated to meet.

& i saw two guys wearing the same zara orange plaid jacket i wore last week. one was sitting opposite us during our afternoon caffine break. i didn't know what to make of the situation if i was wearing the same jacket. not exactly a flattery is it?

oh fate.


  1. Wait, you partied till 8 am? Or was it 8 pm?

  2. hey! i was just wondering how you make your photos into polaroids! thanks. btw, so many luscious man bag. damn, even for a girl, im jealous :)

  3. ha.nvm. just found the link browsing through ur archive :)

  4. There is that blasted Gucci coat that I am LUSTING to have!!

    So glad you weren't wearing the Zara the same day - that would have been incredibly awkward!

    Cheers from Seattle,
    Emerald Dandy

  5. bb: happy birthday bb!
    it'll be a bit weak to stumble out at 8pm! unless you meant 8pm the day after, in which i am not so hardcore either...

    ed: yea it will be awkward if i wear that zara coat. but i rock it better lol :D

  6. wait, you met a guy the evening before and parted at 8 am?


    so what did you do? sharing is caring, you know. so share. :-P

  7. Ugh, that Gucci coat is divine and I could NOT find it in New York! Blast!

  8. I love that jacket. Very Geisha Girl but i like it. it works.

  9. Nice Bottega Tote to go with the red jacket! show us your modelling pics with the new LV graffiti keepall:-)

  10. Nice outfit!

    What do the tote retail for in pounds?

  11. ben: thanks :) the tote retails for £430


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