Thursday, 12 February 2009

out & about - 'release your inner robin' edition

firstly, have you entered the competition to win a free bottle of burberry the beat for men? if not, in the name of gwen stefani "what you waiting for??" entries close 17th feb 2009!

to those that entered, good luck! and for those who left me little messages with the entries, thank you so much! i've read each and every one of them, so touching! thank you!


and better representation of colors in H&M's fitting room (their mirrors are not really flattering, no?)

on the very cold saturday afternoon, i lugged my shopping bags out and about in my robin & batman tee from ZARA, wool coffee colored roll neck jumper from VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, brown hand painted belt from MARC JACOBS, forest green corduroy trousers from COS, brown stripped cashmere scarf from BANANA REPUBLIC, napa leather driving gloves with orange felt from VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, hand painted ostrich bag from DRIES VAN NOTEN, orange plaid wool jacket from ZARA, grey canvas plimsoles from H&M, and smelling of MARC JACOBS basil sorbet splash.

still there?

i felt really good about my outfit on saturday, and seeing that the weather was glorious i planned to linger around town for a bit. however 2hrs and 2 big shopping bags later, it was rather impossible for me to lugg everything around and shop nonchalantly. and it was pretty scary to shop like that in the midst of the recession, what if i bump into my boss?! so i quickly cabbed home, enjoying the journey and beautiful orange sunset along the river thames.

"to top it off, i ordered a decadent takeaway and polished everything off in 30mins. saturday was a write off!"

anyhoo, another 3 more indulgent shopping reveals coming up!


  1. they must love you at bottega. :)

    i LOVE those gloves.

  2. Can't seem to enjoy ur photos!!! Unable to load....grrrrrrh

  3. Do you shop at the Sloan Street Bottega? It is such a cool shop.

    I really love the Bottega clothes this season.


  4. -h: they love every customer! :)

    anon 01: can't load?

    anon 02: yes i went to the sloane st shop, very chic. pity it's not bigger.

  5. I am loving that outfit. The colors are so rich.

  6. the gloves are top.
    from where...?

  7. Wonderfu- wonder-wonderful.
    Can i still get them?
    And this bag makes me crazy.
    Is this also available and how much was it?
    (It´s not fair that you have so much beautiful things with understatement...;((( )

  8. Does every jumper from VIVIENNE WESTWOOD have these elongated sleeves/ cuffs or is this a special one?
    I like it...

  9. anon: they change it every season, but that seems to be their signature style...



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