Monday, 2 February 2009

penny loafers

is it february already? oh dear how time flies. anyhoo, here are two pairs of shoes with a similar penny detail but in different styles, which isn't a surprise, that i do like very much:

bottega veneta loafers with penny details, £350. this is 'dressier' and formal enough, and i can see myself wearing it to work daily. they did it in black last season, but i much prefer the rich maroon-brownish shade above. it will go well with almost all trousers except black, which is great as i never wear black trousers to work. and as much as i like it, i can't justify to myself, spending that much on a pair of shoes.

tods gommino loafers with penny details, in their signature driving shoes style, great for the summer and weekends.

if i get my pricing right, i think the pair of bottega veneta shoes retails for about twice that of the tods loafers. i have neither of their shoes and am not sure of their comfort levels, but i like the styles of both.

and oh, we have heavy snow in london, apparently the first in six years! and i have no appropriate shoes to walk in the snow to work!

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  1. i loveeeeee penny loafers... i've worn mine until they have a hole in the sole lol

  2. I own way too many pairs of Tods and tend to love them since I am not a fan of socks in the summer. In any case, one issue with the Tod is that the heels of the Gommino loafers tend to get worn down fairly quickly as do the tip of the toe. If you tend to walk alot, then the driving loafer will not really last beyond 1-2 seasons max. However, the Gommino loafers almost always go on sale at the end of the season between 20-40% off so the shoes can go as low as $149 final sale in the stores or around that at the US department stores.

    I have never bought BV dress shoes so I can't speak from experience on their comfort levels but I own several casual pairs of shoes by them and find them quite comfortable but am a bit unsure on sizing since I can range from a 10 to an 11 in their shoes depending on the style.

    If I were you, I would wait for the Tod sale and scoop up a pair. I am loving the burnished grey loafer FYI....

    As usual, your taste rocks my world...

  3. dr debonaire: holey moley you need new shoes

    clarke76: yea i find lots of tods shoes on sale during end of season, so i am holding back haha.

    bv shoes comfy? they are so pricey and hardly goes on sale. too many shoes too little time!

  4. I've been eyeing those Bottegas (in black) for quite some time now. At that price, I think it is well worth it! You pay for quality and a timeless style with just that tiny twist that makes it special. Get them! Get them! haha!

    The finishes on the Tod's loafers are beautiful, especially on the gray ones. I'm just not sure if I like this type of burnished leather with a gommini sole. I would have preferred it on a leather sole, but that's just me :)

  5. the bottega loafers are too pricey, i'll wait for the sales! (if any)

    i like the tods' loafers with the soles as it is, makes it special i think heh

  6. This blog is not going to be good for me at all.

  7. are you kidding me? there's nothing better to blog about than PENNY LOAFERS?


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