Thursday, 19 February 2009

said goodbye & i choke, tried to walk away & i stumble

i've been listening to ben taylor's melancholic cover of macy gray's "i try" for the past few days and i am loving it. loving it.

& reader sam emailed me and asked what's in my bag. he said he has a complete set of small leather goods from louis vuitton to match his louis vuitton bag, and if he should get another set to match another bag. whoa nelly, victoria beckham sure likes to match her shoes and outfit, but i am hardly that thrown together. anyh00o00 here's what's in my much loved portfolio today (i can take the term manbag but not man clutch or worst mlutch!):


  1. I love the drunken text style. And the jige! Care to share how much it retails for? I've long been contemplating on a portfolio for my next bag purchase and this seems to be on the top of the list! Well, next to the Prada nuts and bolts portfolio of SS 07 I think...

  2. Who knew the Jige can pack in so much! Tempting...

  3. Love how you styled the whole thing, plus the captioning and the quote. Sure you're not working for a magazine?

  4. the yellow really pops. You bag of joy looks like a classic gentlemen ensembles. COol~~~~

  5. I'm in love with the Westwood gloves dude.

  6. izzy: i got this from a reseller, retailed for much less. i don't know how much it costs brand new in shop.... i highly recommend this portfolio :)

    bb: all my accessories are small so it fits nicely into the bag...

    fm: i take that as a compliment :D

    toosan: it's a bundle of joy!

    jurr: thanks :) those gloves are made of the softest leather ever!

    falb: thank you! :D

  7. The Marc Jacobs card holder! How lovely. You wouldn't know if it's still selling do you? I've been searching for a card holder that wouldn't make me feel like some Wall Street d-bag every time I pulled it out.

  8. david: the card holder is from the "specials" range which changes every now and then. there were new card holders in store the last time i went. cheap and cheerful too, about £12 i think?

  9. Great collection. I think I will steal it for my blog. I always wonder what people tote in their totes.

    I love the Jige. I wanted to get one to carry around my documents, but I ended up getting the Vuitton Monogram Documents Poche. It was because of the price...


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